The photos for Journey of Change, and Visions of Personal Development were downloaded from the free photo site: stock.xchng

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The following tables list the photos that appear in each Video Vision Statement, in their order of appearance. The tables include links to view each photo and contact the photographers. All of these links are to the stock.xchng photo site.

Journey of Change

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Hope at the end firehawk77
Frozen landscape biewoef
winter 1 Cristinica
magic lamp 2 mapko
Misty Morning lynnc
Misty morning 2 mordoc
Blue LittleMan
Eerie Woods II pawtech
Into the Forest wwskies
.| Water |. clix
Storm aldin
Lightning Lucretious
Waterfall in Brazil miqueias
sun by the trees Civic
The light shines through firehawk77
Trees winterdove
On the road 8 mordoc
mysterious door carlohh
Xanten reynierse
Beach life Henkster
CSP Port Elliot I csp
Flower Pix_Elle
Flames stachoo
Butterfly joanie

Visions of Personal Development

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Ocean Colour Scene 6 Vixs
Singer Wazari
Kids singing Xmas songs hortongrou
Spring Garden 5 soultga
Monet’s garden claudmey
One red flower OBMonkey
smiling little girl christiem
Beleza Natural (Natural Beauty) hibotic
old man bigevil600
circus datarec
Rubbing noses Zela
dreaming munibren
kids play in the autumn leaves hortongrou
story time bies
Sun-Rails 2sogar
desert1 sumeja
Majestic Lion marekvk
The Long Road brainloc
back to the future part 2 Brunatka
wind blow rikones
looking wendylee03
Alice – Crawl rrss
A toast! stuart_sjb
music sheets 3 lusi
world gold 1 cassoarte
Autumn in Kyoto 2 michelle
On the road 6 mordoc
hot tea skrasii
hands niecey
Orbit peter_w
Mirror gmarcelo
multiColor drop 2 wreckedm
shadow chriscandy
The World is Yours blary54
tunnel vivre
Peek-A-Boo rrss
Ancient Rome John-p
offices a_glitch
.|Future |. clix
clock 7 dlee
Sun Burst thesaint
Chase the sun qute
magic lamp 2 mapko
Free andbmo
business agenda 1 lusi
conference details funny-p
.| DVD |. clix
books, books lusi
hands datarec
touching the sun 3 lazydaisy
Ghost lucretious