Affirmation Poem: My Dreams Walk Beside Me

(What’s an affirmation poem? See the beginning of Affirmation Poem: Endless River of Living Fire)


Not a whisper, lost in the wind.

Or a shadow forgotten in the day’s sunlight.

Brighter than the light that greets dark eyes, sharper than any sword, endless as the space between stars.

MY […]

Affirmation Poem: I Face Each Day With Love

Here’s another affirmation poem. (For a description of the concept see the beginning of Endless River of Living Fire)

I Face Each Day With Love

Listening to silence, as I walk through the day.

Emotions fall upon endless faces, and words surround them like a cloud.

Like a butterfly, my heart lands, shares a feeling, […]

Affirmation Poem: Endless River Of Living Fire

(Here’s the first of a new type of post for me. I call them affirmation poems.

There’s a single affirmation, repeated 5 or 6 times. In between each repetition is some poetic language which carries me into my unconscious and helps me plant the affirmation on fertile ground.)

I am an endless river of […]