What Kind of Life is Worth Living?

How do you react when you hear that question? Do you stop, look within, and think about who you want to be, and what you want out of life?

Or do you get defensive, expecting another self-proclaimed expert to tell you how to fix your life?

My life’s not perfect.

I’d like to […]

Are You Hiding From Your Dreams?

Living Dreams I love imagination, passion, and possibility.

Weave them together with a sprinkling of hope. Dreams of a bright future will fill your heart and mind.

And dreams are the fuel that drives personal growth.

Do you think that you’re too old to dream? Many people assume that only the young can dream.


Affirmation Poem: My Dreams Walk Beside Me

(What’s an affirmation poem? See the beginning of Affirmation Poem: Endless River of Living Fire)


Not a whisper, lost in the wind.

Or a shadow forgotten in the day’s sunlight.

Brighter than the light that greets dark eyes, sharper than any sword, endless as the space between stars.

MY […]

Are You Afraid to Change?

Afraid to Change Are you afraid to change?

We all are. It’s a side effect of the way our mind makes sense of the world. Let me explain.


How Do You Live With Fear?

Thought, Feeling, and Imagination Many of us live with patterns of thought and feeling that ignite our fears. These patterns begin with habitual thoughts that are negative. We think about how we’ve been hurt before, and we drift into fear and anger. We think about all the things that could go wrong with a situation, […]