Reach out. Find it. Right now.

Are you drowning, waiting to be saved? Ignore the rules, tear up the boundaries, shatter the chains, go to places you can’t go.

Is the way too hard, too far, not for you? Stop being an echo for empty voices. No one knows the real you. Your heart is […]

Scared to Care

We float on the surface of life, happy to ignore the depths we can’t see. How often do we think of the thousands of miles of earth beneath our feet, the microscopic worlds within us, or the endless light-years of space above our heads?

And it’s not much different, closer to home. We know how […]

Are You Acting Like a Spoiled Child?

The Gatekeeper Why is it so hard to see the truth about ourselves?

Our desires and fears color everything we think and see. We’re not completely objective about anything.

But, it’s easier to look at someone else’s situation and see it more clearly, more truly.

Do you ever find yourself going in circles, unable […]

Are You Hiding From Your Dreams?

Living Dreams I love imagination, passion, and possibility.

Weave them together with a sprinkling of hope. Dreams of a bright future will fill your heart and mind.

And dreams are the fuel that drives personal growth.

Do you think that you’re too old to dream? Many people assume that only the young can dream.


Are Fear and Pain Making Your World Smaller and Smaller?

Trapped In A World of Pain

Do you remember as a child, when the world seemed endless, and every stone was full of possibility? And whatever we knew of the world, was only a beginning — a glimpse of endless knowledge that we could only dream of.

What happened to that world? It seems so […]