Is there a Fatal Flaw in the Law of Attraction?

Nothing is Perfect

Do you get suspicious when someone offers you the perfect investment, opportunity, solution, etc.?

Everything has a limitation or flaw of some kind.

Things don’t have to be perfect, but we need to understand where the flaws are.

When someone offers you the latest personal development method, don’t expect perfection.

And don’t be cynical, and assume that the method is worthless.

Seek to understand where the technique works, and what the limitations are.

There has been a lot of attention given to The Secret (which is all about the Law of Attraction).
Its discussed and promoted as though it’s the perfect answer to everything.

Is it perfect?

The Law of Attraction tells us that we will bring into our lives what we focus on.
Our personal growth is in our own hands.

That means that you and I have to search our hearts, find out what’s important to us, and find the right way to focus on our great desires.

And bring our dreams to life.

Sorry, though, this is not a wishing well, a lottery ticket, or a slot machine.

You have to be prepared to see opportunities that appear, and do the work necessary to leverage those opportunities into the results you want.

Help will come in totally unexpected ways, but it’s only help.
You’re still in the picture.

Some people might think that this is a flaw.

They want the Law of Attraction to be a magic wand.
So they can get what they want with no effort.

I don’t think that manifesting your dreams has to be painful, and burdensome.

But you have to invest both your desire, and your action into your dreams.

When you invest your heart and your action into something, you make it yours.
And this is your life that you’re trying to manifest!

Cause, Effect and Control

Ok, here’s a real weakness in the way some people represent the Law of Attraction.

Do you attract everything that comes into your life?
Some people believe that we attract everything, pleasant or unpleasant.

I’m not denying that we sometimes attract the unpleasant through unconscious desires.

We have incredible influence over the direction of our lives.
We have so much more power to shape our lives than we ever imagine.

The world is influenced by many people’s desires, which often conflict with one another.

And, I believe, the world is influenced by a higher power beyond any single person’s desires.

With this sea of influences, we will not always be able to manifest our desires.

It’s critical that we don’t underestimate our personal power to affect our lives.
But, do we have to pretend that we can control, or even understand, every event in our lives?

We have this love/hate relationship with the idea of cause and effect.

Sometimes, we believe that we have power over everything that touches us, and that anything that goes wrong is our fault.

Sometimes, we believe that we are completely powerless.

There are many times when the complexity of the world is beyond us.
But we have this drive to explain everything.

When some great, unpredictable event happens we start analyzing it, and talking about the factors that contributed to it.

Understanding some of the factors does not mean that we could have predicted that it would happen, or even, that we can predict a similar future event.

But it’s scary to live in a world where events can come and disrupt our lives.
We want to pretend that everything is predictable and under control.

We want to believe that it’s possible to prevent all the difficulties and danger in our lives.

There’s a fascinating book called The Black Swan, which talks about the ways in which we exaggerate our understanding of cause and effect, and pretend that unpredictable events are predictable.

The author speaks of such events as random.
I don’t believe that the world is random.

But I do believe that the world is unpredictable, and will surprise us again and again, sometimes with difficulties, but often with wonder.

One Wish

Sometimes we get lost in wishing only for things, or pleasures, or honors.

And we all wish that the world would change according to our desires.

But the greatest wish of all is the wish to be a different sort of person, with different attitudes and thoughts.

When you wish to be a different person, and achieve that wish, your perception of the world changes.

Even if nothing changes in the world around you, you’ll still be living in a different world.

But the world around you will also change.
When you act differently, you will influence people and the world to change.

Join me in a question and a wish.

Does each of us have the courage and honesty to live and enjoy life as a great journey through unknown territory?

What would the world be like if each of us wished and took action to become that sort of person?

11 comments to Is there a Fatal Flaw in the Law of Attraction?

  • It’s funny ~ I use some methods from the Law of Attraction, but one thing as of late is “I have all of the time I need”. It works. ;)

    GREAT post! I haven’t been here in a bit and have missed it!

    You always keep me thinking!

  • “But the world around you will also change.
    When you act differently, you will influence people and the world to change.”

    You also perceive things differently. It’s amazing how big a change that is. Just a shift in mindset and it’s a whole new world.

    I’m not there all the time or even most of the time, but I have been there at times and I’m working on it.


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  • I think that when people watched the Secret, they thought that they could just do what people in the movie said to do and it would work. They didn’t realize that the Secret was only an introduction to the idea. It’s much more complicated than that. After all there have been a great many books written about the subject over the years, they aren’t going to fit everything into one movie. James Ray has complained that the movie didn’t pay enough attention to the necessity of taking action to get what you want, and he is right. I am sure many people are looking for an easy way out, but the truth is life doesn’t offer shortcuts. There is no free lunch. I beleive that the Law of Attraction does indeed work, but unless you have read all the books and understand how it really works and what you really need to do, you won’t be able to get it to work for you.

  • Spot on, Joel. That drive to analyse and understand is one of the hardest things to overcome. I know, since my dayjob is as an analyst, and the first thing that anyone says when something unexpected happens is “why?”.

    I believe it’s important to remember that, while the law of attraction works, it’s only one of the laws that we live with. There’s inertia (that one trips up a lot of efforts), action/reaction (also called ‘karma’) and a whole raft of others. For any law, LOA included, to work perfectly would mean removing the influence of every other possible factor. Welcome to the real world, folks. Nothing is ever guaranteed, nothing works 100%, no matter what the headlines promised you. Does it mean LOA doesn’t work? Absolutely not – any more than gravity is wrong because helium balloons go up.

    Tracy makes a good point, and I’ve heard it said elsewhere. The law of attraction ends with the word “action”. That’s the bit most people like to ignore ;) Even so, I don’t think you need to read ALL the books etc to get it to work! I’ve had a fair bit of success with it even with quite a few still sitting on my reading list…


  • As American’s we seem to always be looking for the “magic bullet”, “quick fix”, “answer” or “secret”. I have bad news for you there is none! Gurus have huge followings and lots of business minded folks make tons of money claiming to have this answer.
    I agree, we do send out vibes (consciously or unconsciously) that can cause others to respond to us in certain ways. Simply put if you are confident and feel good about yourself and present yourself that way many will flock to you because they want to feel that also. It is true that when we have a belief in ourselves and a strong desire that we reach for (through work and persistence) we are more likely to get it: just as the opposite is true. To tell you the truth, I am more then a little tired of the commercialization of the law of attraction. It is another quick fix, that doesn’t work and cost us time and money better spent on getting what we want.

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  • Wonderful thought just make me thinking about few things..something is not magical because of fate but because of hard work..

  • Charles

    Hi there everybody,
    excelent post, by the way.

    I’ve been into the self-help books since I was 20, today I am 34 and I’ve read 200 (or more) books of this kind (including almost all books from “the law of attraction”), so after so many years reading so much rubbish my mind was very confused and my life too. On the financial realm, I got a enourmous debt, on the professional realm, I got only stress and more stress and a unhappy job, the more I “tryed” to use the secret and others “tools” (like Dyer Japa meditation to manifestation…) the more my life sunk.

    I made everything (mantras, tools) they say, and believe me, nothing happened, no wait, my financial situation actually got worse!!!

    One day, in deep depression I collapsed, and I did what I should have done 10 years ago, going to a psychologist, a real professional about our mind health.

    Only when I started to visit a “real” psychologist, my life startet to turn to a “real” good life, a better work, making theaters clases to learn how the be an actor (what a always wanted since I was 16, but never had the courage to do it), and so on. Today I can say I have a happy life, because, and I quote, I live in the “real” world right now, I am working hard to change my financial situation, and I know it will take a long time to fix the mess I made following so many self-“help” books.

    Do you know what the secret really is? And nobody from the self-help business want you to know??????


    If you are confused about your life, or you don’t know what path follow to have a better life as I was so many years ago, instead of reading this “be happy now” books, go to a psychologist, or to a certified life-coach, and you will see that after fixing the mess you have in your head, your life will be “the mirror” that will reflect a better life for you, in the “real” world.

    The only self-help books I found very useful after all this years of research, are from Dr. Martin Seligman, Dr. David Burns and Tony Robbins, they talk about the real life but even their books won’t replace any therapist.

    This kinds of books are like the tv comercials that say “lose weight fast and get a body like this in 10 days!”, are you really sure you want to put your mental health (this books cause depression in the long term) in risk and spend your time trying this? It’s very attractive to the people that feels lost, but thanks to God there are people that “really” know how to help others.

    You could ask me, do you have a explanation for the people that get “lucky” and win the lottery for example? No, I don’t have it, and honestly, I don’t think any of us could “really” know about it, but the real question is: from the people that have a happy life, 90% worked hard to get it (to have a healhy body, financial stability, loving relationship…), and 10% got “lucky” (won the lottery, etc…), so if you were in a cassino betting your life, in which place you would bet? Why try the path of the few winners??? Why don’t try the path of the people that with patience and endurance works for a better life for them and for others around them?

    If you accept that you can’t control everything in your life, so there is no need anymore for the law of attraction, the law of attraction is so popular, because it gave us a ilusion of “total control”, who doesn’t want to be a harry potter of your life???

    We live in an uncertain world folks, and we as humans try to create “certainty” making our world more secure (the seat belts on the cars for example…) but even so, we can’t garantee a 100% sucess in everything we try, but… wait, suddenly someone in a dvd says “the victory is 100% garantee”.

    It’s like the tv comercials… To the Secret DVD be perfect there is only one thing missing “buy now the secret dvd, and if you don’t like we give your money back!!! It’s 100% garantee!!!” he he

    Folks, if they had said the true, that we don’t want to hear, do you think that anyone would buy this book and dvd??? no one, because we are so childish and we are still waiting for someone to say “hey, don’t worry, santa claus really exists!!!”

    So, if there is a fatal flaw (there is many) in this LOA thing, why insist on it? Do we really need this to have personal grown in our life? Would do more good than bad?

    My answer is no, we don’t need this rubbish that only creates childish narcisism and provokes depression on people (what do you think that the though “everything bad its my fault” do at long term?) to have personal growth.

    I would like recommend to you, reading the book “The Secret of The Secret” from Karen Kelly, and you will be amazed by the numbers of flaw in this theory.

    Work for your dreams, go for it, the victory is not garatee, neither the failure! More important that win or lose its the Atitude of going after the things you want, dream your dreams and fight for them, and no be foolish, ask for help! There a lot of certified life-coaches, therapists that “really” could help us!

    Be happy!
    God bless you all!

  • lutfi

    james ray said ,for the law of attraction to work successfully ,you should have tought , feeling , and ACTION ,a lot of people forgot about the last thing …

  • Richard Kovell

    Reading the comments about the Law of Attraction was very helpful to me. I have been thinking that I was just one of those people for whom nothing ever works. No matter how well it sounds, or how well it works for some one else, it does not apply to me.

    My financial life has been in a downward spiral for some years to where I am saving up to file for bankruptcy. The admonitions and prescriptions from all the books and audio CD’s were cold comfort. Their assertions are quite unsupported and have been contradicted by my own daily experience. Perhaps I did not understand and perhaps they made things worse by offering false hope. It’s like these authors don’t live in the same world as mine. Interesting to notice how silly I sound when I tried to repeat these nostrums to someone else. Good intentions aside, how many writers have ever done a survey to test what percentage of people actually have success using their recommendations.

    Well, I have put aside the books. and have hired an excellent professional life coach who takes time to listen to me before proposing anything. I am seeking my own path, and now reject anything which insults my soul. I deeply appreciate the observations of others who are doing the same. It is reassuring to know I am not not alone.

    Richard Kovell / Tucson Arizona.

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