Make a Wish

Forgetting the Magic

Do you remember what it was like to be a child?

Not the frustration.
There was plenty of that.

Not the endless procession of “NO” and “You can’t do that.”

Not even the tantrum demands for something in a spirit of “I’ve got to have this or I’ll die.”

No. Not that either.

And for those of us who were loved, not even that wonderful ocean of warm love that surrounded us and made us feel safe.

What else is there?

Give up?

How about dreams, wishes, and a heart that can stretch from one end of the universe to another in a moment.
That’s what it means to be a child.

Despite what people say, there’s no law that says you have to give up being a child when you become an adult.

We adults have many things that we wish for, long for, and cry for.
But not with the power that a child does.

As children, we knew that the world was magic, and full of endless possibility.
And here’s the secret.
We knew that the endless possibility was not only outside of us, but inside of us, too.

Searching for Magic

We’re all searching, desperate to find the magic again. We look for the perfect thing, person, experience, or other external something that will bring back the magic.
Sometimes we think that we catch a glimpse of it for a moment, before it disappears behind a cloud.

And then there is the world of personal development, self-improvement, etc.
Call it by your favorite name.

We’re looking to add something inside of us that will bring the magic back: skill, behavior, knowledge.
And I’m not knocking personal development.
There are so many wonderful ways that we can enrich ourselves.

But those ways can’t bring back the magic. The magic is something already inside of you, that’s waiting to return.

Without it, a sonnet will be hollow.
With it, making an omelet or tying a child’s shoe will be indescribable.

Maybe we just need a little help to believe in the magic again.
Maybe we can find it together.

Maybe I can believe in the extraordinary possibility that lies waiting in you.
And you can believe in the magic that lies waiting to burst forth from me like a fountain.

And when we find it, it won’t be someone else’s magic that you’ve borrowed, or pretended that it’s yours.

It’ll be yours alone, until you share it with the world.
And when you share it, it will grow bigger and bigger.

8 comments to Make a Wish

  • Great post. You are right – personal development is all about finding the magic, finding our potential. Thats why its call personal. And good point about sharing it. We learn just as much teaching as we do by learning. Thanks, Tom (TRCoach).

  • Ahhh I LOVE this! Seriously I read it a few times just to feel the magic!

    Thank you for this loveliness!

    Big hugs,


  • Children are such wonderful blessings. They remind us of how we should live. They know how to have fun. They laugh easily.

    You are correct by saying that it doesn’t have to end. I love being a kid as much as my kids do. I have often joked that I had kids so I’ll have an excuse to buy toys that I can play with (for them of course ;) .

  • :
    Profound words…..
    .’There are so many wonderful ways that we can enrich ourselves.
    But those ways can’t bring back the magic. The magic is something already inside of you, that’s waiting to return….’
    Every age has its own charm but nothing like childhood..
    A good post. God Bless.

  • Wonderful post. Made my day!

  • Mel

    WELL SAID!!!! I could not agree with you more. We have to learn how to unlock what is already inside of us….learn to be a child again. Great Post!!!

  • Sadly, once the ‘magic’ has gone, it is gone forever. Adults can still achieve great things of course, but springboard that is childhood can only be used once.

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