Circle Breaker 1

Here’s an exercise that I call a “Circle Breaker”.  Try it to help you break out of the circles that we spin in, that go nowhere.

  1. Ahead of time, prepare a collection of small, seemingly trivial actions. For example: hum, wiggle or tap your fingers, swirl your tongue around your mouth, look up, look down.
  2. Then, in a moment where you seem stuck, cycle through your collection of actions.  Show yourself that change and action are still possible.
  3. Focus on the many feelings that flow through you at the time, and the way that they change from moment to moment. You may be stuck on a single feeling or thought, but there are many feelings and thoughts swirling around your head.
  4. Gently move your attention around like moving a flashlight, and see that your inner and outer worlds are full of complexity and change.
  5. If you can, move around.  Better yet, find the simplest, smallest physical action possible that moves you in a positive direction toward a solution. Not a complete action, or a perfect action, or even the best action.  Just take a positive step.
  6. Keep focused on change in the environment around you, and in the physical sensations you feel in your body.

Focusing on the real change and variety around you, will open you to possibility, and when you are open to the incredible possibilities that every moment offers there is always somewhere to go.