Points of View

Mirrors of Earth and Sky

I love flying.

Have you ever been on a plane, looking down at huge, fluffy clouds that rise like mountains and are scattered before you in an endless variety of shapes?

The clouds act like a mirror, reflecting how you’re thinking and feeling, consciously, and unconsciously.

You see yourself.

But the “you” that you see reflected may not be a “you” that you’re aware of, or comfortable with. Who will appear? Will it be a wondrous or dark part of you?

We live like icebergs and ostriches.
Like an iceberg, only a small part of me is visible, while the rest is hidden away.
Like an ostrich, I stick my head in the sand, and hide from my full self, and from inconvenient truths all around me.

I have a filter in my mind, and a narrow light that I shine upon the world.

I see what I expect to see.

This is true whether you look at your present, your past, or your future.
What kind of future are you willing to see?


There are times when you need to see the big picture without getting caught up emotionally in the details. At those times, we’re looking for the 10,000 foot view.

Do you regularly take out time from your life to reflect on what you’re doing, and rise high above the details of your activities to see where you’re going?

It’s uncomfortable, but it’s vital that we do this regularly. When you’re high enough, when you get the big picture, it’s easier to see how your life is working, or in chaos.


Everyone who speaks about action, about planning a future and reaching for it, speaks about the power of visualization.

Please. Keep reading even if you’re not good at seeing images when you close your eyes.
We may call it visualization, but it’s equally powerful when you imagine movement, sounds, touch, and emotions. (See my guide to Video Vision Statements/Stories for more information about Visualization)

The power of a visualization experience to pull you toward the future depends on your point of view.

When you imagine your future, do you find yourself there as an observer, or do you appear as an active, passionate part of that future?

Think of imagining your future as a way of taking action. And combine your visualizations with real-world actions.

On the Ground, and Ready for Action

Getting above or “outside” of your life is great for reflecting on your life, and deciding on the direction your life should take, but it’s not action.

After you’ve carefully thought about what you want your future to be, you need to take action to make that future arrive.

When I visualize the future, I need to be there. I need to see myself on the ground, feeling that I’m bursting with energy.

What do I mean?
Have you ever felt so full of energy that you just had to go do something?

We all have high energy days and low energy days. When you visualize, imagine yourself as a vital, active, high energy participant, seeing a life where the results of your dream are all around you.

That kind of image has power to make your dreams come true.

2 comments to Points of View

  • I love this post…

    I get the sense that we often underestimate the power of the type of visualization of which you speak…

    Thank you so much for this reminder!

    Warmest wishes,


  • Joel —

    For whatever reason, the opening of this made me think of “High Flight” by John Gillespie Magee, Jr. Everyone’s probably read it or heard it, but I find it more inspiring now in my (relative) maturity than I did as a teen when I was first exposed to it.

    Here’s a link to it —



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