Can You Do Anything to Prevent Teen Suicide?

This is not what I typically write about, but I think it’s a great message of hope for anyone and would love to see all of my readers think about spreading it today.

My good friend, Ken McArthur is standing in a circus tent today
asking 2,000 people to spread a message of hope to teenagers who
don’t think that life is worth living.

(You may know Ken’s name from the world of internet marketing, but this is NOT about internet marketing.
Ken is a wonderful guy, but this post is not about Ken

Here’s Ken’s simple message for for giving hope (and maybe saving
someone’s life!):

G – Greet and meet: talk to others, smile, say hello, ask
someone how they are doing

I – Involve yourself and others: find a cause you can support,
volunteer, pledge resources. Get the people around you
involved, especially if you see someone beginning to
withdraw. Invite them to participate in some activity, to
“get out” of their comfort zone

V – Validate others: tell others that they matter – especially
family members and friends that you tend to see daily but
may take for granted, give genuine complements

E – Empathize: be a listening ear, take time to be fully
present, don’t try to solve – just acknowledge someone’s

You can find out more about Ken’s wonderful project with his
Impact Action Team at:

Speak up, Save Lives

Spread this message today!

And if you send it on let me know how many you sent it to!



3 comments to Can You Do Anything to Prevent Teen Suicide?

  • Choose to show love and compassion to every human being without exception. When a person learns what it feels like to experience love, then negative thoughts begin to dissolve in favor of a higher focus that accelerates self-healing.

  • Very intresting, I guess the answer to all is always love and selfsteem, kids without parents at home all the time end up feeling helpless, also parents need to be suportive and comunicate in a 100% effective way that the kids can be in contact with the parents in all that they are going trough.
    Selfsteem, confidence, love and values are key words for the success of a teen, most of all Love, the real one.

  • The most recent studies show that the group at most risk for suicide is no longer youth, but middle aged, white women. See

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