Review: Sound Health, Sound Wealth

For a while, I’ve thought about including an occasional review on this blog.
Recently, someone approached me suggesting that I review Sound Health, Sound Wealth by Dr. Luanne Oakes.

So I checked out her reputation, and looked at recommendations from people like Deepak Chopra, John Gray, and Tony Robbins, and decided that reviewing this book was a good idea.

As I began to read the book and did some work, I listened to the CD that accompanies the book.

Dr. Oakes produces many products that use sound to relax and heal, but this is the first of those that I’ve experienced.
This CD is beautiful and relaxing, about an hour long.

I listened to it twice, and enjoyed it even more the second time. I came away refreshed and alert.

What is a Review?

One of my beliefs is that there is no such thing as a completely objective review. A good review expresses the personality, talents, and belief system of the reviewer as much as the work under review.

There are many types of reviews.
The most common reviews probably answer one or more of these questions:

  • Do I like it?
  • What is the subject matter of this book?
  • Is it well organized, and easy to understand?
  • Does it entertain and/or inform me?
  • If it makes promises, does it deliver on those promises?
  • Is it worth my time to read this book?

The more objective parts of a review tell me what the subject is, and if the material is clearly presented.

But there are no absolutes in a review.

What’s clear to you may not be clear to me.
We have different experiences, and come to any book with different beliefs, likes, and dislikes.

I may like a certain author’s style, and you may not.
I may like the way an author uses language, and you may not.

For example, Dr. Oakes likes to make up new phrases to describe the ideas that she writes about. There are many authors who do this.

Sometimes familiar words and phrases are burdened with old, limited associations.
New phrases can be a wonderful way to explore an unfamiliar mindset. The unfamiliar terms tell me that I’m walking into the unknown. I take a breath, and prepare to learn something new.

I can’t so easily slip into those very dangerous three words: “I know that.”

Some of my favorite of her terms are future memories, action-based faith, and first and second thoughts and feelings.

Future Memories
If you are familiar with the law of attraction, manifestation, or visualization techniques, then you’ve heard of visualizing a desired future state in full emotional and sensory detail.

But she puts a slightly new spin on it, by also relating to that experience as a future memory.
I love that idea.

Action-based Faith
Action-based faith, asserts that belief in a desired future is expressed through every thought, word, and action. The more that belief is expressed in our thoughts, words, and actions, the more power that belief has to shape our reality.

First and Second Thoughts and Feelings
Dr. Oakes writes that we cannot always find the presence of mind to respond to a situation with the thoughts and feelings that we would like to. Our first thoughts and feelings may flow too quickly.

But, she writes, it is much easier to choose our second thoughts and feelings. We can choose to replace our initial thoughts and feelings with ones that more powerfully represent who we want to be.

Hunting for Ideas

Some people may not like her new language.
I don’t resonate with all of the terms myself.

But, I’m a bit of an idea hunter.
I look for ideas that will shake up my thinking, and enable me to live in a bigger world, and understand more of it.
One powerful idea is often worth more to me than a well constructed, easy to understand discussion of ideas that I’m already familiar with.

And I’ve found many such ideas here.

Certainly the book is well organized, and covers a number of fascinating subjects such as manifestation, beliefs about what is possible, our relationship with time, saying no, welcoming resistance as a sign of change, health, and wealth.

This book may be a bit too ambitious at times, and some of the topics deserve a more lengthy treatment.

Above I discussed some questions that book reviews typically answer.
There are two more questions that I want to add to that list.
These are the questions that I personally want to see answered in a review, and they are the ones that I’ve focused on in this review:

  • Is there something new in this book?
  • Does it introduce ideas that enable me to think about my world and myself in new ways?

The answer to these questions, for me, is a resounding yes.

(Dr Oakes’ book is available in the usual places such as, and her website is Sound Health, Sound Wealth.)

9 comments to Review: Sound Health, Sound Wealth

  • This is really good, thanks. There is so much personal development material out there, anything that helps sift through it is welcomed.

  • Thank you for the very balanced review. It was refreshing to get an overview that wasn’t stuffed full of hyperbole.

  • Many thanks to you for this excellent review. I particularly liked the section on future memories and will now have to go and learn some more! Thanks again.

  • Wonderful review – and very instructional. I especially enjoyed reading the section on “Action-based Faith” as I have long believed that this part of the Law of Attraction is an especially important part.

  • Duncan Fraser

    Joel, I appreciated your thoughtful review. I especially like the framework you use for this and other reviews. Well Done!!

    I am just touching onto Dr. Oakes writings. Almost in the same fashion as described in Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Tipping Point”, the frequency of my hearing about Dr. Oake and her teachings from different sources increased rapidly in a short period of time to the point that it reached that “tipping point” for me to finally buy her book. I am glad I did. She presented many ideas that were refreshing, as was the audio CD included in this book (purchased through Amazon).

    Thank you.

  • I always find your articles articulate and full of nuggets I can take with me as I grow forward in my life.

    Thanks for another great article.

    Never Give Up,


  • Thanks for sharing your insight and thoughts. I am in the middle of reading this book and like it so far. There are many terms I’m not familiar with that have definitely challenged my thinking. I love the CD as well…very relaxing…

  • Thanks for this review Joel. I have not heard of this author before and as Heather Allen said in the above comment “there is so much personal development material out there” it is nice to hear another’s insight. The new phrases that you used as examples for Dr Oakes’ ideas are intriguing food for thought.

  • Gene L. Magunsen

    I have listened or read everything I can find by Luanne Oakes, Ph.D.
    and enjoy her authenticity and the feeling of kindness offered by this very peaceful author. I love her audio CD’s which I use for my own creative writing and relaxation. No matter what kind of day I have had, I can put Dr. Oakes’ CD offered (located in the back of her book) titled
    Sound Health, Sound Wealth and as she suggests, change my first thoughts and feelings to those that would assist me in higher and better ways to accomplish the large and little tasks I do feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I give all of Dr. Oakes’ work a 5 star rating! Her information is really timeless! Surely she is destined to be a best seller!

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