Is The Internet Dangerous?

The Free Exchange of Ideas vs. Censorship Do you feel angry or even afraid when you hear that the government or other organizations are trying to control the content of your entertainment and your information?

There are laws and regulations that control the content of television, movies, video games, and to a lesser extent, the […]

Who Tells You That You’re Powerless?

Babies and Power I remember when my oldest child was born. She was, and is, like all children, a miracle, but at the moment of her birth she seemed absolutely helpless.

She had this eternally wise expression on her face (ok, she is a bit of a genius). And, like all other babies, she had […]

Make a Wish

Forgetting the Magic

Do you remember what it was like to be a child?

Not the frustration. There was plenty of that.

Not the endless procession of “NO” and “You can’t do that.”

Not even the tantrum demands for something in a spirit of “I’ve got to have this or I’ll die.”

No. Not that […]