Three Ways to Escape Confusion and Take Control

Out of Control? Are you in control of your life? Life is wonderful, and dangerous and unpredictable.

Sure, you pretend that you have everything under control. But you know that’s not true.

Pretending to be in control makes you feel safe. And everyone wants to feel safe.

It’s hard to think about personal growth, […]

Seven Ways That Choice Makes Your Life Hell

Do you think that having more choices is good for you?

Choice is critical to the feeling and practice of freedom. Without choice, you would be doing exactly what you’re told to do, every moment of the day.

You’d be following your programming like a machine with no soul.

A kind of pretend choice is […]

The Internet — Life, or Just a Game?

Leading a Double Life Imagine that there is a door in your apartment or house.

Each day you step through that door and visit a distant and strange world for a few hours. In that world you have a different name and face and body. You live, work, earn money, face challenges, create, succeed, and […]

Do You Have The Freedom To Choose?

The Space of Choice Houses get dusty, people grow old, machines break, men destroy, and everything that lives dies. Yet, people build, and plant, and create. Children are born, and the world changes and grows in beautiful, new, and exciting ways.

Both are true. The world is dying, and the world is growing and unfolding.