Is there a Fatal Flaw in the Law of Attraction?

  Nothing is Perfect

Do you get suspicious when someone offers you the perfect investment, opportunity, solution, etc.?

Everything has a limitation or flaw of some kind.

Things don’t have to be perfect, but we need to understand where the flaws are.

When someone offers you the latest personal development method, don’t expect perfection.


Is Life Real, or Just a Dream?

All of life’s a stage It’s an old question in philosophy and religion: Is our experience of life in this world real?

It sounds a little crazy to ask the question, doesn’t it? It makes you think of people who are mentally unbalanced, who can’t tell the difference between the world they live in and […]

Why I Want to Be a Hero

The Fantasy of the Hero

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be a hero. I’ve loved myths, legends, science fiction, and comic books my whole life.

Sounds childish, right? It’s easy to psychoanalyze a love of heroes, and dismiss it as a childish or neurotic desire to escape from reality.