Are You Afraid to Dream?

Love to Dream, Hate to Dream

This is an age where people are afraid to dream.

You don’t believe me. We have too many cable channels to count. We have movies with incredible special effects, computer games that grow more elaborate all the time, and multiplayer games and virtual worlds on the internet.

And we […]

Imagination: Doorway, Fantasy, or Future?

What do you think of when someone says the word “imagination”?

Creativity If you’re an artist, writer, sculptor, musician, photographer you might think of imagination as a place. A place deep inside where you search for something new. Somehow yours, and yet not yours.

In Greek Mythology, the sources of inspiration were creatures called Muses. […]

Law of Attraction, Step 1: Finding Your Passions

Each of us is always changing, and that’s wonderful!

As you change, your goals and passions will change and grow. Getting clear on what your passions are is key to building and maintaining the motivation to reach your dreams.

Your list of passions isn’t final, and doesn’t have to be perfect, or satisfy anyone else!


The Controversy over the Law of Attraction

Have you seen The Secret, or read the book? There’s a lot of buzz about it, particularly after Oprah did a show on it.

The Secret is all about The Law of Attraction. This is an idea that has been around in many forms, under many names, throughout human history.

What is The Law of […]

Passion and the Journey

I write a lot about passion.

And I’m not talking about romantic passion exactly.

I’m talking about powerful feelings that drive us to reach beyond ourselves and become more than we are.

It’s passionate dreams that drive us past our discomfort and our fears, and give us the courage to take chances, in order to […]