Are You Afraid to Change?

Afraid to Change Are you afraid to change?

We all are. It’s a side effect of the way our mind makes sense of the world. Let me explain.


Make a Wish

Forgetting the Magic

Do you remember what it was like to be a child?

Not the frustration. There was plenty of that.

Not the endless procession of “NO” and “You can’t do that.”

Not even the tantrum demands for something in a spirit of “I’ve got to have this or I’ll die.”

No. Not that […]

Getting Unstuck, Part III: Buying Your Way Out Of Trouble

We all get stuck. We get stuck in our fears and other feelings, in our pain, and in our choices.

In Part 1, Fear on Ice, we explored feeling trapped in a situation that we want to escape from, where we’re afraid to remain, and afraid to change.

In Part 2, Too Many Choices, we […]

Addicted to Learning

OK, I admit it. I’m addicted to reading and learning.Once, even if I couldn’t do anything with the knowledge, I would still do it just for the pleasure. A good book, and a good idea have a taste all their own.

There are many people who consider reading and learning a complete waste of time. […]