War, Part 1: At War with Myself

The Battle Rages I’m at war, right now.

Not on some distant battlefield, halfway around the world. Here, in my heart.

I don’t always notice the battle. Sometimes I don’t even feel it.

Maybe I notice a brief inner struggle while reaching for a piece of cake. Part of me wants the pleasure, while another […]

War, Part 2: The Story of You and the Lies You Tell

The Meaning of Stories and Lies In Part 1, At War With Myself, we heard that a person pretends to be of one mind and one heart, while the truth is that each of us is full of contradictions. We’re full of warring personalities and beliefs.

Where did these contradictory, and often limiting beliefs come […]

War, Part 3: At War with Others

Mirrors To me, the world is a magical place, full of wonder. It’s not a belief, exactly. It’s a feeling.

Certain objects seem more wondrous than others, and show up frequently in stories about magical worlds.

Take mirrors, for example. It’s strange to see yourself from the outside in. One of the reasons that it […]