Why Do You Hate Selling?

The Oldest Profession

People hate to sell.

Not everyone, it’s true.

But why do so many people hate sales, and look down on sales people?


Are You Afraid to Dream?

Love to Dream, Hate to Dream

This is an age where people are afraid to dream.

You don’t believe me. We have too many cable channels to count. We have movies with incredible special effects, computer games that grow more elaborate all the time, and multiplayer games and virtual worlds on the internet.

And we […]

It’s Not Your Fault!


It’s not your fault.

You may not always use those exact words when you whisper to yourself. It may not even be a whisper, only a feeling.

But that feeling has passed through you, so many times.

We look at ourselves, and we don’t always like what we see.

But we hate to feel […]

Why Do People Use Fear to Influence You?

Fear and Influence

There are many therapies, techniques, and strategies that we can use to overcome fear.

But if we free ourselves from our big fears, and still have no sense of possibility, no place that we truly want to go to, what will we use our freedom for? Where will we end up going?


What’s Your Secret?

Where Are They Hiding The Truth? I’m not sure how I became like this. And I’m not alone.

Like you, I don’t have all the answers. I’m so full of questions.

And when I’m honest with myself, my questions burst forth, and haunt me. And one question comes back, again and again, in many forms.