Law of Attraction, Step 1: Finding Your Passions

Each of us is always changing, and that’s wonderful!

As you change, your goals and passions will change and grow. Getting clear on what your passions are is key to building and maintaining the motivation to reach your dreams.

Your list of passions isn’t final, and doesn’t have to be perfect, or satisfy anyone else!


Law of Attraction, Step 2: Ask for What you Want

What does it mean to ask for what you want? It means to make an emotional connection to your desires. Make them matter. Give them meaning. Feel them. Make a commitment to them.

Most of us ask for what we want with half a heart (if that), full of hesitation, and disbelief. We almost always […]

Law of Attraction, Step 3: From Blame to Abundance

Like anyone, I want to free myself from limitation. I want to live in a world of possibility and abundance.

Imagine a dark stadium or arena, pitch black. Then suddenly all the lights are turned on to reveal a place full of activity. That’s the feeling of making a connection to abundance. It makes you […]

Law of Attraction, Step 4: Living in the Future – the Power of Imagination

The core of the law of attraction is imagination. Unfortunately, we often think of imagination as a toy, something for our personal entertainment. Nothing wrong with using it that way.

But it’s like using a supercomputer as a hammer.


Law of Attraction, Step 5: Be Grateful for What you Have, and What you’re Asking for

Why is gratitude one of the keys to The Law of Attraction?

Emotions are the fuel which ignites our entire being, and turns it toward the passionate goals that we’re pursuring.

The more powerful the emotions you experience in relation to your goals, the more completely you will be focused on bringing those goals to […]