Law of Attraction, Step 3: From Blame to Abundance

Like anyone, I want to free myself from limitation. I want to live in a world of possibility and abundance.

Imagine a dark stadium or arena, pitch black.
Then suddenly all the lights are turned on to reveal a place full of activity.
That’s the feeling of making a connection to abundance.
It makes you come alive.

But I resist it.
Sadly, I prevent myself from making a powerful, electric connection with my desires.
I say “I don’t deserve it.”

It’s time to let go of this excuse.
“Yes, its just an excuse.
There’s a voice in me that says: I’m not perfect. I don’t deserve such abundance.”

You do. Our world is full of abundance, full of infinite possibility. That is our natural state.

We’ve been trained for so long to look at the finite aspects of the world and what’s wrong with it.
It’s hard to let go of those habits and see the abundance.

You may look at what you’ve done with your life and feel empty because you’ve failed in some way and let others down.

Where does it say that it’s your job to punish yourself until you become perfect?

When you punish yourself by denying abundance, you cut yourself off from who you could be, and the life you could be living, and the extraordinary things that you can do for yourself and others!

Do you or I deserve abundance?
The word “deserve” is misleading.

Abundance isn’t about deserving or earning anything. The Law of Attraction is focused on the idea that like attracts/resonates/communicates with/draws energy from like.

If you act in ways that make your inner life (feeling and thoughts) abundant, then your outer life will be abundant. Your radio pulls in a particular station because that’s its nature, not because it deserved it or earned it.

“I don’t deserve it” is a subtle form of blame. I’m saying that it’s my fault that I don’t have abundance, that I don’t reach my goals, and live my passions.

Blaming yourself is a close cousin of blaming others.

It’s easy to blame others or your circumstances for something you don’t like about your life.

You and I have different experiences, different talents, different challenges. You may have suffered at the hands of people who have mistreated you, or hurt you.

If I blame anyone or anything for my situation, I give up my power to choose and act. Whatever the situation, whatever the challenges, you can be a spectator in life or a player.

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