Law of Attraction, Step 6: Plan, Take Action, and Listen for Something Better

What is the biggest mistake that people make when trying to utilize The Law of Attraction?

Not enough action.

Some people find their passion, ask for it, move toward abundance, imagine their desired future, practice gratitude…
but don’t take action.

Many writers on the Law of Attraction emphasize how the universe knows better than you how to bring your desires to life.
These writers tell you to focus on the “what” and let the universe figure out the when, how, etc.

There are a couple of problems with this.

  1. If I don’t take action, I’m telling myself (or the universe) that it’s not that important.
  2. We learn not only by listening, reading, and thinking. We learn by doing.
    As we learn more about ourselves, we change and refine our passions

Let’s consider the idea that we spend too much time focused on the how, when, and where.

When I try to create my future, I start by clarifying what the essence of my passion is.

Then, I translate that into specific details about what I want, and why I want it, so I can focus my imagination on those details.
I also consider the how, when, where, and who.

Then I make plans. (see Mark Joyner’s free Simpleology course to more effectively manage your life)
Those plans inevitably deal with a world of details.

But here’s the critical point.

I have to be aware that I’m not creating my future in a laboratory or desert away from the world.
My future will be built within the world, among people.

The many details of manifesting my passion will be as complex as the world.

So…I have to be a good listener.
I have to keep listening for what I can learn from the world around me, and use that knowledge to refine the details of my passions.

I have to listen for opportunities. There will be situations and possibilities that have never occured to me. Some will be so different from anything I’ve thought of, that someone might think that I’ve changed my goals entirely.

But I have to be open to letting the details of my actions change and transform.

It’s tough to plan, take action, and listen for opportunities.
But that’s the recipe for successful action that leverages the Law of Attraction

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6 comments to Law of Attraction, Step 6: Plan, Take Action, and Listen for Something Better

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  • I have a question!

    Most people who use the Secret will think that applying law of attraction is about “thinking and waiting success to fall from the sky”.

    I know how important is action to be success, but I don’t know how to tell them or show them why action is important when they apply law of attraction.

    Can you help me out on that?

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  • lutfi

    well, abut the “action” thing , actually while you are doing LOA correctly ,there will be opportunity come to you ,dunno how it will come , i think you just need to be a good listener and than you MUST take action when the opportunity come. Thats the importance of action.
    But, its okay if you have plan too coz sometimes the opportunity comes to you by yourself inner heart ,when this is coming , you should take a plan and realizing it just like the kind of action that i described in paragraph before.

  • Eric

    I have been learning to use the law of attraction but Im confused about what constitutes taking action.
    Im a firefighter and yet I visualize making more money than there is to make in my career field.
    Does taking action mean I try to advance myself in my career field or look for oppurtunity elsewhere?
    I want so much for myself and my entire family and im ready to jump on any good oppurtunity but im just not sure what actions to take, or at least what is the best way to get in tune with the universal powers

  • Lauritz


    I have been practicing the LOA for a while.
    The first thing I did with the LOA was to do all the necessary steps to get 20 000k. I did this for a month. One day I got an amazing call for a job and the first thing they said was that they only have 20 000k for me to dot the job. I was ecstatic! I took Action! and of course did the job.

    I am not yet sure if my next LOA income will be a phone call necessarily.But I know that the LOA will definitely let me know when the time comes to move. The action part comes when the universe tells you aloud, and you will know when it does. But I have also taken small steps in advertising to push me an that direction.

    Remember that gratitude is very important, not just when you receive, but it should be a constant gratitude as a part of you life, thanking sincerely and emotionally for what you will receive and for what you already have.

    Bob Proctor has amazing books on LOA.

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