Law of Attraction, Step 2: Ask for What you Want

What does it mean to ask for what you want?
It means to make an emotional connection to your desires.
Make them matter. Give them meaning. Feel them. Make a commitment to them.

Most of us ask for what we want with half a heart (if that), full of hesitation, and disbelief.
We almost always hedge our bets. We say to ourselves “I don’t really want that”, so when it fails to show up, we can say “No problem. I didn’t really want it anyway.”

How rarely do we turn all of ourselves toward a desire, willing to take a risk.

Yes, there is a small risk.
If I deeply connect with a certain desire, I could be disappointed.
Even with all the power of The Law of Attraction, sometimes what we want won’t come to us when we expect it to, or how we expect it to, or where.

Or maybe, there’s something better for us that’s coming.

We might be disappointed, but great joy and disappointment come together.
Risk and reward come together.

Better to be fully alive, tasting all that life has to offer, than living half a life.
How sad that I’m the one who hides from my greatness, and blocks it from being born!

There’s something else we have to say about real questions, about asking for our future.
When we think of the LOA, we think about creating an outer reality by shaping an inner one.
LOA writings often speak of a single unified reality.

We might fall into the trap of pretending that there’s no reality except what I’m aware of and what I want.
Asking acknowledges that what you know, and think, and desire, and are aware of is only a part of the picture. Asking says that I’m reaching beyond my limitations, my understanding, and my experience to the greater world that I’m not yet aware of.

There is a living, rich, unfathomably great reality beyond me.

And it’s waiting to meet me.
I’m reaching out beyond myself. I’m acknowledging that there are other realities possible for me.

I’m extending my mind and heart.
I’m opening up to possibility.

And I want answers!

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