Running In Place, Going Nowhere

Safety Why does it seem so hard to change, even though we want it so much?

One of the reasons is that I hear a voice that says, “Play it safe.”

There’s nothing wrong with trying to be safe. There’s a part of me that’s always focused on keeping me safe. That’s its job. We […]

The Wild Man: Break Free of Civilized Fear

I’d like to be a wild man.

No, I don’t want to live in rags, grunt, and carry a club. But I do want to let go of the over-civilized me who is always trying to please someone. You know, the one who doesn’t want to be different, because it might offend someone?

I’m so […]

Facing The Darkness, Part III: Seeing the World in Color

Have you ever tried to explain contradictions to young children? As they try to make sense of a confusingly complex world, they search for shapes and boundaries. They want to know where one thing or idea begins, and where it ends.

When the boundaries are violated, when children see contradictions, like the child in The […]

Facing The Darkness, Part II: The Shadow

What is a shadow? The everyday shadows we see come about when an object blocks a source of light. Not exactly a buzzworthy event!

Why all the fuss about shadows? There are so many legends and myths where shadows have magical properties, including magical creatures that have no shadow at all.

In Jungian Psychology, the […]

Facing the Darkness, Part I: Who are You?

Ask someone, “who are you?” There are a number of typical responses:

Name Profession A list of skills or hobbies Personal or professional history A description that involves physical characteristics such as height, weight, and age Likes and dislikes

If I were to ask