The Attraction of Evil

I’m not a big fan of horror stories or horror movies, but I’ve known many people who enjoyed them.
And people are often fascinated by the evil characters in other stories, like Darth Vader in the Star Wars movies.
Darth Vader fascinates me, too.

When I was in high school, I’d occasionally go to a really badly made horror movie with friends. The movie was so badly done, so fake, that the only appropriate response was laughter.

But that’s not what someone typically looks for in a horror movie.

Maybe you love the sense of relief, escape, or victory when some of the “good” guys escape from or conquer the monsters/bad guys.

But there’s something else.

Why do some people like the bad guys or monsters?

It may be frustration or unexpressed anger in someone’s life that’s released through the bad guy doing whatever he wants.

The key to the attraction is in those last few words: “doing whatever he wants.”

Sometimes we feel so unable to find a way to live what we want. We feel that most of what we want is always on hold for another day.

A tomorrow that never comes.

The monster or bad guy has a will to do something and it gets DONE. That’s powerful, and we don’t feel powerful most of the time.

Maybe you feel incapable of doing something. Maybe you feel like everyone is holding you back by telling you that you can’t do this or that.

The bad guys and the monsters aren’t listening to see if someone tells them that it’s ok.
They’re just doing doing what they want.

You may find yourself strangely attracted to an evil character or a vicious monster.
It’s not that you want to be evil or destructive, necessarily.

You want to be free.
You want to be able to will something and see it happen NOW.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t care about others, or that anything you can imagine is ok to do.

It does mean that your desire to do something that will benefit you and not harm anyone doesn’t have to pass through the bureaucracy of other people’s opinions about what’s possible for you.

You genuinely want it.
You’re not hurting anyone.

Learn from the monsters.
Learn from the bad guys.
Just do it.

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