Waiting for Perfection


It seems like I’m always waiting.

Waiting for tomorrow, next week, next year.
Waiting for the perfect moment to do what my heart aches to do.
Waiting to be the person that I want to be.
Waiting to be given the power, to find the power, or to acquire the means to act effortlessly – without conflict, struggle, tension, questions.

I want it all to be effortless and easy.
I almost want to sleep through that perfect moment.

The Future

Sometimes I’m too focused on the future.
But the power of the future is real.

The promise of the future is wonderful, and extraordinary.
The possibility of building an incredible world calls to us:

  • suffering into joy
  • slavery into freedom
  • war into peace
  • ignorance into wisdom
  • hatred into love
  • mediocrity into greatness


There is nothing in this world that reminds me more of possibility, than looking into the faces of children.
Children have two special gifts

  • the gift of the future: to see the possibility that the future holds
  • the gift of wonder: to see the possibility that is here, right now, in the present moment

Children are not yet burdened with the inner pain of giving up, of accepting all of the “can’t”s that surround them, of trading their unique gifts for security and a cubicle.

Children radiate possibility and potential. Even a tired, jaded adult finds it easy to let the bright smile of a child wake him from his dark moments.

Look for that child in you who knows that the world is full of miracles, now and tomorrow. If she seems forgotten, don’t despair.
She’s not gone, only waiting to return.

Escaping to Yesterday, Today, or Tomorrow
It’s often assumed that our past, our yesterday is just something to get over.
We discard yesterday as dead and gone.
And, we often speak of the baggage we carry from our pasts.

While one person relates to his past, present, or future as a burden, another looks at the past, present, or future as the only refuge of possibility within his life.

  • Do you feel that some part of your past was the best part of your life, while today and tomorrow seem empty?
  • Do you glory in pleasures of the moment, while nothing else seems real?
  • Or, do you wait for the possibilities of the future, a future that rarely comes to those who just wait?

Weaving together Yesterday, Today, or Tomorrow
What if we could learn to see the possibility in past, present, and future?
Not like a fantasy, where we hide in one of the three and pretend everything is all right.
Instead, what if we could see how the possibility of each can enrich our life now, and empower us to act today?

We can look at our lives as a great, unfinished story. The past with its triumphs and troubles can be seen as a necessary part of the story that brought us to this moment.
The lessons we learned, the unique perspective that we gained on life through our past is a gift, if we only learn how to see it, and use it.

Let’s look at the past like this for a moment.
Ask yourself: What have I learned from the past that I can use to live, right now?

Only you can answer that question.

Each of us, like a story, has themes that form the fabric of our lives. For now, let’s focus on the positive themes in our lives, including the positive ways that we’ve overcome challenges.

(For me personally, some of my key themes are possibility, imagination, words, dreams, and structure/systems. My challenges and my gifts lie around the marriage of imagination and possibility with appropriate structure and systems.)

And how can my hopes and plans for the future enrich my present?
Make a choice.

You can choose to see the future as a place always out of reach.
Or, you can choose to see the future as the end of the path that I’m starting to walk today.
The power of the future flows along that path, calls to me, and empowers me to take action now.

Telling your story
I love telling stories to my children.

Have you ever told a story to anyone?

To tell a good story, you have to care about the characters and what happens to them. The story has to have meaning for the teller and the listeners.

To bind your past, present, and future together into a powerful story, you have to care deeply about each part of your life. You have to see meaning and purpose in being here in the world. (Granted that it’s often a challenge to care about our lives without getting lost in the difficulties that we’ve faced.)

It’s up to each of us to tell our own story.
And that story is ours, and yet, not ours.

My story is interwoven with the stories of others. If I live and try to tell my story without caring about others’ lives and stories, then ultimately my story is empty. If I care deeply about the lives of others, then their greatness is also mine.

For some of us who have been hurt, or who are naturally shy, it’s a great challenge to tell the parts of our story where we rise high, together with others.

But we will tell that story.

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