Imagination: Doorway, Fantasy, or Future?

What do you think of when someone says the word “imagination”?

If you’re an artist, writer, sculptor, musician, photographer you might think of imagination as a place.
A place deep inside where you search for something new.
Somehow yours, and yet not yours.

In Greek Mythology, the sources of inspiration were creatures called Muses.
The source of inspiration was personified as something external, because the experience of creation has a feeling of discovery, of otherness, and sometimes compulsion associated with it.

This is the use of imagination to reach deeply into a hidden place in us.
Some call it the unconscious, and imagination is its doorway.

When we create using the imagination, we reach out/in to a place in ourselves that is both distant and familiar. If we have the courage, we reach for a dark door and open it, unsure of what will come through the door.

When we walk toward that door, we often go with a question, idea, or theme that will bind and filter what we let come out of the unconscious.

Many people look at imagination as a simulator, a machine where we can try on the future, and see how it fits.

Sometimes we use this simulator as a pleasant toy to enjoy the feelings that arise from a fantasy we imagine.

Other times, we use imagination to simulate a future that you desire with all your heart. In that case, the imagined future is far more than a fantasy to enjoy. It’s a reality that speaks to you. It calls to you.  

Many people use the power of imagination for Personal Development. (See my articles on The Law of Attraction)

Here’s another more powerful way to think of imagination as a simulator:
Imagine that there is a future you who is more accomplished, more free, more powerful, and more true to your dreams than you are.
Like a loving friend, brother, or parent, he calls to you to join him in an extraordinary future. This is not a fantasy. You are calling to yourself. Can you listen and reach out into the future?

Imagination as simulation can be used for a pleasant fantasy, or as a time machine where you listen to the call of the future. Will I be honest enough with myself to see the difference, and will I act on that knowledge?

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