Is Life Real, or Just a Dream?

All of life’s a stage
It’s an old question in philosophy and religion:
Is our experience of life in this world real?

It sounds a little crazy to ask the question, doesn’t it? It makes you think of people who are mentally unbalanced, who can’t tell the difference between the world they live in and the hallucinations that run around in their heads.

What do people mean when they ask if our experience of life in this world is real?

There are many questions hiding behind the simple world “real”

  • Do our senses give us an accurate picture of the world outside of us, uncolored by our personal experience and expectations? Here we’re asking whether we get a clear picture of the “real” world, or whether we’re at least partially living in a world colored by our fears and desires.
  • Is this world and our experience of it a superficial or limited experience of a deeper, larger, more profound reality? What if our life on this earth is just a brief moment in a much greater existence. What if there are other dimensions of existence that we live in before and after we come to this world? If true, then our life on earth has a certain reality to it, but it pales when compared with our broader existence.
  • Is this world planned, structured, and orchestrated with some purpose in mind? This question is an add-on to the last one. What if our time in this world is somewhat scripted and purposeful. What if we’re here to learn some lesson, or accomplish some spiritual task before moving on to another existence? If so, this world is real to a point. Like a play or a simulation, it may have meaning, but there’s so much going on beyond the stage and beyond the simulator.
  • Is this world an illusion? Does this world, like a magician, use some kind of misdirection to get me to focus on the more trivial aspects of existence and ignore more fundamental, more important aspects of existence?

What’s the difference?
Ok. What’s the difference whether this world is real?
What’s the difference to me right now if there are other realities that I’m not aware of.
Even if I was some sort of lab rat being observed, who cares?
I’m here, I’m alive. I’ve got to play the game according to what I can see.

I could imagine a thousand alternate stories for what’s beyond this world.
But they might be pure fantasy. Seems better then, to just focus on what I can see, doesn’t it? Even if we’re like the people in The Matrix, serving as unwitting but happy slaves, wouldn’t we rather not know?

Brave new world
Maybe, or maybe not.
It depends.

It depends on whether we have the ability to see beyond the world that we’re currently living in.

It depends on whether we have the capability to use knowledge of other realities to change ourselves and this world to become something much greater.

If we can rise up, take off the blinders and live differently, then there is a point in knowing whether there’s more to the world than what we’ve been told.

Not yet
Let’s say this all sounds pretty far fetched to you, and way beyond your experience.
What then?

Well, I have one more uncomfortable version of “is life real” to throw at you.

Am I living the life that I’m capable of living with all my talents? Have I fully explored the possibilities within me?

Can any of us really say that we’re living life 100%, and living up to the possibilities hidden away within us?

Can you and I live lives dramatically more powerful than the lives we’re living now?

If we feel and know that we can find and live a greatness that we’ve only seen hints of, then our current lives must be looked at as shadows of the real life that we can live in this world.

The answer to the question, “Is life real?”, might just be:
“Not yet.”

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  • Hi there! Interesting thoughts! Thank you so much for sharing. I love it when I get to a blog and get to think or smile. ;)

    Thank you for the thoughts.


  • No, life is not real..It is a dream.Can we remeber our childhood?Where is it? Or people who entered into old age,ask them: where is their youth? You have rightly said:

    …….’ whether we get a clear picture of the “real” world, or whether we’re at least partially living in a world colored by our fears and desires…’
    Thanks for another good post.Best wishes.

  • Hi Phil…

    I love your blog!

    You are a lot of fun and I enjoy the way you think!


    It depends what we mean by “real”? ;-)

    Are we living up to our potential? Well, our potential is unlimited and with each moment we bring our “reality” into existence. Or another way to say it, we manifest a facet of what is possible (or God).

    Like in quantum theory, we collapse our awareness into a form to express a possibility or oneness.

    Nice topic… I could discuss this with you all day! Seriously!


  • Hey Great Post,
    I really enjoyed your blog, this can really serve alot of people. I been involved in human development for many years and honestly believe that life has infinite possibilities. Our human spirit has an unlimited source of energy in a sense, and we can create and do what ever it is we desire. I love to share some of my own personal experiences with you in my blog over here if your interested.
    best regards

  • Excellent post. These are questions that I’ve been asking myself since March of this year. People that don’t understand this concept either shun, laugh at, or ridicule you for talking about it. I theorize that there is a real aspect of life, however we don’t truly understand what we are capable of. Perhaps some of us are deities, and others simply living meaningless lives. I have no logical proof that anyone but myself exists, as do none of you have that proof. We only know of our own existence. Ever heard someone say life is good? Why do they say it? Because good things are happening to them. Ever heard someone say life sucks? Because crappy things are happening. We live in the reality that we make for ourselves. Obviously, but why do bad things happen? Why do good things happen?

    Ever experience anomalies? That’s what proves to me that life is not real. Statistical improbabilities used to happen less, but within the last year, I have experienced over a thousand of them. It could have been that I just didn’t always recognize, and just blamed it on coincidence. It’s hard for me not to believe in God, but sometimes I can’t figure out why things that happen happen. I have the gift of seeing things before they happen, particularly in dreams. I will dream something, and normally it’s pretty accurate. I used to think it was a prophetic gift from God, but now I just see it as another anomaly.

  • Neo

    Well, i thought it was just happening to me. but now i see im not alone.

    wired things had happened to me. like i’ve seen things that i recognized them like if i’ve passed through them.

    I see life as a software someone just built, and we are connected to it and manipulated by it.

    i wonder if there’s a way to unplug ourselves from it. just to see what the “REAL” live is.

    if someone share my same idea just let me know. to share some experience.

  • dianne

    Are we real? or are you a figment of my imagination?
    I’ve been asking that question [to myself] and try to figure it out.I found that nobody thinks like me but i finally found people that do.

  • Neo

    I wish I could wake up from this dream, or as the other way I have think about life in which this is like virtual reality in which all of us are connected to it at the same time and I know that some day we´re going to be recycled to be used as energy to keep this virtual reality working.

    Sometimes, I just sit at my balcony and start looking all the people that pass by there and they look so Pre-programmed that it makes my belief stronger.

    I would like to find a way disconnect myself consciously. to know how the real world is.

    I would like to find someone that help me to WAKE UP!!!!!!!!

  • I have been asking myself this question a long time ago, and now i come across this article. Sometimes i think that life is just a dream, and it’s MY dream, mine alone, So there no u who is reading this comment, and when we wake up, there’s another world, maybe where there isn’t anything like food or talking… That’s weird, but then i think about God… :( But no no no i think life is real

  • Dmitri

    Dreams have a certain reality. Sometimes I sleep and dream am doing such and such things and feel that I am a certain kind of person, but I don’t know it when I am dreaming. And in waking life, I do certain things and act in a certain way and see myself in a certain way, sometimes even convicted that this is I, I! I! something for God to reckon with! But later on I calm down and for example in the middle of helping someone and I would realize that I was only dreaming when I wanted to yell at God. We fall from dream to dream, and it is probably a certain enlightment to know that we are dreaming in the midst of a dream. The part of you which realizes you are dreaming is at least not dreaming the same dream.

    Australian Aboriginals believe that the trees, rivers and clouds are all dreams of the earth. For more about dreams, I suggest checking out psychologist and author Arnold Mindell. He really built upon Jung’s work and made it useful.

  • Marcus

    Is life real, or just one big dream and when u die u wake up.

  • either we are in opposite world and everything that is real is fake, n everything that is fake is real. or we are in a place where we think numbers matter, but in REAL (imaginary) reality where NOTHING (everything) matters our modern letters n numbers are just there to throw us off from the fact that every number is the same in value until someone thinks they can prove it wrong but cant completely do so because when u look at numbers as dots like we are from space non of them mean byah until someone blazes it! i hope i didnt make much cents cuz im in desperate need of this fake money that we all need to eat with but want nothing to do with it at the same time. i do feel like im not even here right now though and like im from the future(past) because they are the same thing… they both dont exist… the only existence that is real is now! sorry if i confused anyone but byah im from Mars ps they call me Jupiter!

  • Hi,

    I’m a straight-talking individual and avoid exageration or understatement as much as I can.

    Subsequently you can take what I say quite literally.

    I’m an educated person. I have researched every avenue of self discovery from existientialism to Freud, from Lao Tzu to the the Law of Attraction, from Paul Mc Kenna to the Bible. But I simply cannot find it. ‘It’ of course referring to ever elusive truth. I am so willing yet I cannot acertain.

    The only truth that I cannot except is that we are composites of the creator and thusly return to it loosing our individuality after being some kind of experential whore.

    Could it be that because I cannot except this that I cannot transition?

    Please, please, please if you deem yourself more adept than me then respond to me. I am not arrogant, I am simply tired and I need help. Everyday I critically loose solvency, not from apathy but from lethargy.

    I am trying so hard but eventually I fear I will give up.

    Could it be that there is no destination.

    Somebody please, please help me.


  • @Rexus:

    I don’t think of myself as more adept than you Rexus, but I believe that each of us has insights that can help others.

    It’s often easier to help others, than help ourselves.

    The first question I would ask you is: “What truth are you looking for, personal truth or absolute truth?”

    What I mean by personal truth is a deep understanding of who you can be, your special strengths and passions, what you can do to leave your mark on the world.

    Absolute truth is the elusive truth you refer to – why there is a world, what does it mean, what happens to us when our bodies die.

    I don’t think that we can divorce the search for one from the search for the other.

    You raise the very difficult question of what happens to our individuality after death.

    For me personally, the first questions I need to focus on are “Who am I really? What extraordinary gifts am I hiding from? Why do I let myself live a little life, when I could be great?”

    I believe that we all have extraordinary potential to live amazing lives.

    And I think that as we accept our greatness, and grow, our insights will grow and we will find it easier to come to terms with the big Truth.


  • paul

    Who says theres anything at all? what if what we see is just some kind of blurry image from some kind of oblivion? but the question is weres this image from? i think.. what if noone will read this comment because nothing is real and you dont exist what if everything is created by our own imaginations.. including everyone we think we know..

    sometimes i just dont know what to do…

  • Jose

    Maybe our dreams are reality, and reality is just a dream…who really knows…lately i begin to question the existance of a “god”

  • Dana Walker

    I love this blog,
    I think it’s our self-focused mindset that aids this idea that we’re living in a dream and everyone else is only an idea. It’s true that we have no proof of others existenting. But when I look at the lives of people like Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa, it almost seems insulting to think other people are just a figment of my imagination. I strongly believe in the second idea. That this human experience on earth is just one stage of life we experience. After death, we enter into a new reality. One that is more real than anything we’ve ever known. And, yes, I believe there is something we are here to do. Our existence here is what determines what’s to come. My own belief is that two places exist outside of this world that we will encounter when we die and leave this stage behind. Heaven and Hell. And the decisions we make here will determine the outcome of our eternity afterwards. Actually, the only decision we can make that will change our hell-bound life is the decision to make Jesus the Lord and Savior of our lives. This changes everything. It changes our existence into one of lasting purpose. And I know that once I’ve finished this dimension of life, I have an eternity in heaven to look forward to. :)

  • trevor

    my god! so happy to find others who seem to have similar thoughts as i! but then i have to question, did i realy find u, or are u already a piece of me that i am just discovering or remembering? are these ur thoughts or just my own is this happens to be how i discovered them? or are all these someone or somethings else’s thoughts or creations and they are just leading me along, slowly giving me clues– or just playing a joke on me. or is this all an attempt to get me to realize that i in fact do not exist and the computer i’m sitting in front of and think i’m typing on is nothing but a vacant hole in space? can someone help me? but am i asking u, or really just asking myself? if anyone would like to communicate, please let me know!

  • paul

    wow thats exactly how i feel. i try to talk to people about this but nobody wants to listen and/or treats me like im some kind of lunatic. as i look at everything thats going on around me, everyday i notice how people just go on with their pointless, routine activities when were all gonna die some day. what is reality? what is this state of being? what am i? is this just a tiny film being plyed out in the emptiness of oblivion? because i dont know what the hell this is and nobody seems to want to find out… so that makes me wonder if anything, anyone, anywhere is real or just an image of nothing… i could answer your question and say that yes indeed im here, im real and im discusing this with you.. but whos to say that youre not just some mirror image of my ideas or my programmed mind… sometimes i ask people why were here and how unbelievably random and ridiculous the idea of us just being here to live a pointless life and die is…

  • Eko

    Well I have similar thought too. And I experienced strange dreams. Dream within dream.

  • I found that learning the teachings of the Buddha has given me a lot of insight on this topic, which I have been searching within myself since childhood. The site is:

    What it boils down to is that: “Your life is not a dream. The world is real. It is our understanding of this world and this life, that is flawed.”

    My advice to those of you who are struggling:

    May I suggest that you take a break and stop dwelling on your doubts, and stop reading about all the stuff that you have been reading. Please take a holiday, and relax your mind. Whenever disturbing thoughts come around, just ignore them and don’t dwell on them for another second. Keep yourself busy with your hobby(ies), do some exercises, visit your friends and relatives and please relax yourself. I assure you if you just relax and don’t dwell on all those doubts that trouble you, given time, you will realize that all are real, and you are a normal human being.

  • Luc

    I totally agree with your writing Joel: I could imagine a thousand alternate stories for what’s beyond this world.
    But they might be pure fantasy. Seems better then, to just focus on what I can see, doesn’t it? Even if we’re like the people in The Matrix, serving as unwitting but happy slaves, wouldn’t we rather not know?


  • Luc

    I totally agree with your writing Joel: I could imagine a thousand alternate stories for what’s beyond this world.
    But they might be pure fantasy. Seems better then, to just focus on what I can see, doesn’t it? Even if we’re like the people in The Matrix, serving as unwitting but happy slaves, wouldn’t we rather not know?



  • Luc

    I can answer everyones comments in here. As for Paul: MOST, important to note, “MOST” not all, People go on in their daily routines because that’s the reality of society. that’s just how it works at present. People don’t have much choice and some with world power may feel the same, or they simply have no good plans. If You don’t follow routines, especially for work, you might end up on the streets, or welfare. Also Paul, you must learn about what is called, Brainwashing. Society and the people who constructed them (the money society) orchestrated the majority of people to not realize they have another purpose other than, routine, work and die. You see, it is only humans that creat illusions. The ones who created money is the sole cause of this mess but there are many more people not being held accountable, contributing, even as present/currently, to these economic messes. This is mostly because many societies are still holding onto primitive ways, greed and poor use of money, by too many, and to conclude, that is why the financial systems are collapsing all over the world. =) You see, everything has an explanation. Knowledge and education makes reality more real. Science is not an illusion, a rabit, that screws another rabit and the female has a baby, that is not illusion, it is explained scientifically. I do not know if you watch alot of movies or are spiritual (are consumed by religion-s) but your comment makes me wonder. no offence. Lack of understanding, can make the world seem like an illusion. There is too much proof, to prove otherwise. Science.
    I will tell you your true purpose on earth along with everyone elses. Forget about the brainwashing purpose society has given you for a moment. If you choose not to follow this purpose i will explain further on, you will most likely continue to be contributing to the mess in general, in 1 way or another. Your True purpose on earth is to help humanity and the planet that keeps you alive. Not contribute to destroying it. But since money is the root of all evil, it is usually in its power to do the oposite when in the wrong hands which is alarmingly common. That is because people just want to live and have fun, and yes it is selfish, only because we are aware now of our impact on the planet as a majority. How much will it take, how many people have to die before people act as a whole on the solutions. Listen to the song Wisemen by james Blunt and then watch the movie Zeitgeist. It is good to analyze and question alot. There are so many small to enormous ways to assist others and the earth that sustains us. Though if money is the barrier for you, that is really no excuse. There are so many ways to make money, and it really doesnt take much to play your individual part, now if you were to help others, that will most likely cost more. But as the famous and true saying goes: If you clean up your own back yard, there is better chances of your neighbours to follow rather than doing nothing. Come see my channel Paul: Maybe you might know someone who would like to help the planet in this way:

  • Luc

    To Dana Walker: There’s a perfect example of someone who imposes religion. Dana, I hate to break the truth to you. But this life is as real as it gets, and when you die, instead of hell-bound life on earth, you will have peace, into NOTHINGNESS. You will be once again unconscient, like you were before you were born. Actually you were more something before your born. Half of You was mixed in with all that sperm and the other half the egg. Half of you in 2 places PROVES, you were not conscient before. It’s just all these man made myths give people illusions, start arguements and even wars. I hope you know Religion in all its glory, was made by man, to bring order and something to believe in. Otherwise what would you have to believe in, yourself? Is that really enough for you? It is for me! =P So to conclude this, I would like you to know Dana, when we/you die, we are all going to the same place. Blank-ness. Think of it how you see it. There is nothing else going on when that person is dead other than their body slowly rotting away. So make the best of your lives! It’s sad to know there’s nothing after. When the brain stops activity, immagination stops. When someone is cremated, nothing escapes there body other than ashes. You do not hold any more of a special place than anyone else after death. The universe is fair in that way.

  • Jake

    Hey great post,
    I’ve been thinking about this kinda stuff a lot lately and its really freaking me out, if anyone wants to talk about it email me at

  • Andrew

    What a interesting concept.

    In a way I find it very scary to admit that maybe there is nothing after death, but it seems to be the only awnser. . .

  • kat

    Loving this,

    I have been thinking a lot about this lately, more as each day passes, but not just thoughts, weird feelings as if i feel the reality i am in is not reality at all. I cannot explain this into words and i must sound totally crazy to the people around me.
    I would say iv been thinking this for a good few months now and just last night i watched the matrix and was so sort of freaked out by it. For there to be a film about the thoughts and feelings i had been experiencing, that somehow some people must have the same thoughts and feelings as i do. My curiosity lead me to this site.
    I wish i could explain this better but i find it so hard to put into words, but having read some of the comments it makes me feel that i am not alone and for so many people to feel this way only proves to me that there has to be some truth in this.
    Please comment, the more we discuss this, the more we can help eachother to understand this weird reality that we feel is not actually real.

  • Anony

    I read somewhere, that we have become so detached from nature, that life has become fake and materialistic in our eyes. Technology is a key factor in this, the big cities, noise everywhere, the serenity of the country, the wild, is what our body and minds crave. Routine is what gets me through the day, thinking on these matters only makes you more insane, searching for answers and purpose, once you accept the fact that maybe this is it, that we are just biological beings, and will whither away and die, there is nothing else to it, maybe that’s enough, but no, we don’t accept it, we won’t. Once you give up on those questions, that is the day you truly die. To find purpose and meaning is all that drives me, I have accepted that one day I will die, and there is nothing I can do about it, so while I am here I will do my best and everything that is in my power to live a life worth living. They say energy cannot be created nor destroyed, so does our energy live on forever? If not in one form, maybe another? Why do I waste so much energy contemplating life and my existance? Why can’t I get in tune with the earth’s, or universes energy, that will give me the answers I need? Am I tuning in with people who are on a similar wavelength as me? Will I look back on this blog comment years from now at another level and see it as juvenile? I feel my body weakning everyday looking for answers, and they only bring more questions. A long time ago they thought the world was flat, hundreds of years from now will they mock us and say they though there was a God? If this is like the Matrix, than why should I care about how I live my life? Why not just go and jump off a tall bulding right now? Or is there some logic, inner voice, or force preventing me from so, thinking what If I die and don’t wake up in the real world, would I have just made a mistake, and wasted my life, leaving all my family behind? Or what if? I did wake up? In the real world? Am I losing out on a reality that is true? Why not just wait until I whither away and die for the answer? Is it too long and painful here to wait that long? Old age? Will my time on earth even last that long? What If I die in a car accident tomorrow? What If when I’m fifty they discover a fountain of youth chemical drink that will restore me back to young age? Or a way for my spirit and mind to live on in a computer? All questions and no answers? Think of your time here on earth, nothing but ups and downs, pain, and sorrow, good times and bad, laughs, and tears. Now think of the time before you were born? Nothing, no pain, no laughter, no agony, no bills, lol, nothing. Wait, we can barely remember are childhoods though except for faint memories here and there, so what if before we were born we carry even fainter memories, of another state of being, deja vu, dreams, people in my dreams that I never saw or met before, feel like a lived a life time with them, I don’t know, but the nothingness before I was born sure sounds good, even in childhood I can remember times of happiness and sadness, but I remember nothing of before I was born? Will I remember anything after I am dead? If I am awake for twelve hours, and asleep for twelve hours, how do I tell the difference from the real world and the dream world, is there a difference? The real world seems to be consistent, I wake up in the same room everyday, in the dream world I wake up in a different place everyday. I have used so much energy on this post, I gope it shows, I am signing off, still looking for answers, and searching for questions.


    P.S. This is not a figment of your imagination, unless you want it to be :)

    “The Matrix is real, unfortunately you have to see it to believe it”
    I’ll settle for two good sequels instead…

  • paul

    A while ago i was thinking about this stuff and i thought of something weird: look at something around you.. it could be any object that you cant see past. i find a wall works best. now try to imagine that, not being able to see behind that object, the whole area we cant see doesnt actually exist. its not there. of course, if you were to go around and look, there would be something, but imagine the thought that nothing is actually real, and that our mind only makes us see what we need to. people weve never met dont actually exist and places weve never been to dont either. i dunno its kind of a weak concept but it gets you thinking..

  • john

    hi ya’ll,

    i now believe that dreams are the true reality within us and not what we see when our eyes are open.

    to live the true reality, we must follow and believe in our dreams.

    do not follow and believe what you see or hear on the outside when we are “awake”.

    anyone else feel the same?

  • Chris

    Nice page, makes for good reading.

    I’ve pondered this reality or elusion for a few years
    now. Not yet reached a solid conclusion, however
    I get the strangest feeling about life. To me it’s all
    like a video, stuck on play until the tape runs out or
    there’s a power cut. When the tape runs out most
    VHS recorders will automatically rewind. God no!
    I don’t want to see it all again!

    The longer I spend in this 3rd dimension the more I lean to the belief that the aim of the game is to follow your heart weather
    society deems your actions or thoughts to be good or bad. Be true to yourself, the only way your sprit / consciousness can grow and move on. May be it’s DVD or Blue ray next, I hope the picture’s a lot clearer that’s for sure.

  • John

    What if you never really die? Death in our virtual world may simply be a transition from one dimension to the next….
    Parallel universes may account for this phenomenon. What if you are in such a universe where others around you die, but you never actually die? You live on forever. This possibility exists, as there are an infinite number of possible scenarios that are constantly being played out throughout each and every life in the infinite parallel universes. Deja Vu happens when one universe happens to coincide or intersect with another. We just don’t know what happens to us when we die, but what is real in this world, is real to me and to you as well. Even if all reality is questioned by man, the very fact that reality is questioned at all should be evidence of our own existence. What all of us ultimately want to know is why we are alive, and for what purpose is our life? For example, if the Earth was suddenly removed from existence, would there still be a solar system with the remaining planets circling the Sun? If so, for what purpose would the planets and stars serve? The fine balance between the Sun (our star), our planet and the other planetary bodies is what allows us to live. Is this all just a coincidence, or do we have a special place in the infinite universe? Is the concept of purpose flawed? Does there have to be a purpose for everything? I am sure there is an answer to all of these questions, but regretfully, the human race will never be able to solve these puzzles. To this, we must either face a death of eternity, or a death and rebirth to live eternally in the Kingdom of Heaven. Personally, I would prefer the latter.

  • Matthew

    It’s very much impossible to know if this world is a dream or not.

    If somebody said to me that their life is a dream, and every single form of anything in the universe has just been dreamed by this person, I could easily tell them they are not true.

    I know for sure that i exist, i know i am not being dreamed by somebody because i have my own thoughts and can decide what i want.

    However if i asked myself the same question, If life was a dream, and somebody told me that same answer i could not fully believe them.

    How am i supposed to know if this person has their own ability to think for themselves, i could be controlling them through the power of my dreams.

    Therefore I believe to just do what ever life throws at you. You might as well, it doesn’t look like were coming any closer to an answer.


    hey guys i have had the same thoughts and it has realy gotten me down and just thinking that everyone i love and know is not real scares me and makes me feel very sad and alone.
    but then i think perhaps this thought has come from my childhood when i lost my father and i fear that im going to lose or be alone again….. i think maybe these thoughts of am i real are coming from somethink that you fear…. i believe that life is real because if it was our imagination we wouldnt even be having this conversation and be questioning it we would just let it be… and if it wasnt real or our imagintaion then we could just easily find the answer cause its our imagination we can think what we want… but we dont know the answer and we have no idea so we must not have that power and that we are all human beings who can touch and feel and i dont want to be alone and im not smart enough to imagine what everyone has just written on this site so i would have to say yes were real….. and your not alone.

  • “Life is real, then, only when I AM”. This title of G.I. Gurdjieff’s third series of writings is not a pat answer but rather, a call from another level for us to wake up.

    For those interested in deeply grappling with this, and learning practical techniques, a 3-month residential program is offered in Massachusetts, beginning September 5, 2009. Learn more at

    Best wishes!

  • john

    something ive been thinkin. Maybe we can all meet one another in our subconscious. Maybe WE CAN. Not ever1 has found the way tho. somewhat like the “need to be awakened”, not really awakened tho, just have our eyes opened, not the eyes youre reading this with tho, your ‘third eye’; your inner eye. Maybe once your ‘spiritual eye’ (we’ll call it) is opened then you can actually be lifted into this sort of seperate reality where your subcoscious and everyone elses subconscious can actualy interact. Because, why is it that our subconscious’ have to be held captive in these bodies. You can’t prove that our subconscious is restricted by any of teh same restrictions our human bodies are, we cant even prove our subconscious’ even exist, yet we know they do because we think, we dream, we have desires, and ambition.
    If We; our bodies and consciouses, are islands. Then our subconsciouses fill the ocean.
    But we have to let our subconscious out of its cage that we’ve held it captive in for so long. Our own heads.

    Maybe my subconscious is cmmunicating with everyone who has already posted here. Maybe your subconscious (you reading this now) is communication with mine now.
    Maybe I just havnt been “woken” yet.
    Have you ever finished sum1s sentence? I think I love some1 now. very deeply care for, like i never have before. We can finish eachothers sentences all day. To the point where its scary. like completely random things i could say or she could say and we’ll know excactly what shes going to say.. but like we won’t know?. like we wont know that we know. we just do, sumhow.
    i dunno but maybe thats our subconsciouses at work.
    or have you ever thought of som1? “man i miss so and so i should call them”.. and the next day they call you?, or you get a message from them…. i have. coincidence or concious?

  • chip

    Life is what ever you say it is, or what ever you dream it to be. you dream the world. Its all a dream.
    you may have read in the bible “In the begining god created the heaven and the earth”. You are god, you dreamed everything here. do you remember creating it?

  • Hi, i also have had the same thoughts as many have on this page, i also like/hate to imagine im in space and suddenly eveything (i mean everything, even things that we dont know about or never seen) just sucking in and folding in on itself and just vanishing instantly. I get this weird feeling like my mind just opens and my mind has a realised this world is like a computer and it can turn of. It makes me feel so vulnerable! I also think this is why i procrastinate, i always think what is the point of doing something because it wont matter in the end. For example – whats the point of washing my car, it will only get dirty again. Also it anoys me how we fall in to a role, we go to scool/collage/uni we get a job we die. everything in life is to do with money. does anyone else get the weird mind expanding/opening feeling? Mike.

  • rexusdiablos

    I imparted a comment on 12 Aug 2008 at 12:28 in relation to Joel’s blog submission. My ever-transient thoughts, as are all of ours, have since changed.

    Most of us (us being Joel and anyone leaving a comment) are quite simply questioning the nature of existence. Many of us seem to be highlighting how ultimately pointless life seems. This is but the symptom and not the problem (a common confusion).

    We feel discontent (the symptom) because something (the problem) is wrong. Naturally the next thing to do would be to identify the problem so that we may alleviate the symptoms.

    But what is the problem?……….


    Answer: The minority controls the majority.

    It’s honestly this simple. A minority of our species has always steered the majority even as far back Babylonians (modern day Iraq predating Egypt and Greece). Their scribings/art are littered with human bondage. The only difference with contemporary human bondage is that we are unaware of it. Sure we’re not sporting loin cloths or being whipped as we pull splintering ropes to erect a monolith but we are enslaved no less. Thanks to the monetary system we’ve have lost our site of who and why are we are. We serve our government rather than the other way around and they in turn serve centralized bankers. Please research what Nietzsche had to say on the ‘slave’ and ‘noble’ classes. According to him this dichotomy is natural and self-emergent.

    How can any intellect or altruist stand by pondering the meaning of life when 25,000 children die everyday from starvation and preventable diseases? Does anyone else see how unethical and illusory our lives are?

    The sad thing is that most of us have been lobotomized through vaccinations and water fluoridation and we don’t even suspect. The additives and preservatives of processed foods are further dumbing us down. Can anyone else not connect the dots? Cancer is so blatantly caused by processed foods!

    Don’t give me the bull-crap that ‘my spiritual path is different to yours’. The purpose and fruition of your life is right here and right now. Either you choose to accept it and do something about it or deny it and revel in the self-indulgence of pretending to not know why or how you are.

    One other thing I need to get off my chest: How can we consider ourselves thinkers if we still eat flesh? I honestly feel that any meat-eater whose posted a response to Joe’ls blog is hypocrite. Just as well there isn’t any animal higher than us in the food chain with the same attitude as ours, eh? Rather than protect the animals beneath us, what do we do? We eat them! Can you imagine what it would be like walking through a shop that contains vacuum packs of slices of human leg? It’s the very same thing, just a different species.

    I can go into much further detail on all of this if anyone would like to get in touch:

  • Mitali

    Paul youve gone amazingly far as to question whether each and everything is fake and you are the GOD and the One.
    But then the truth is that it wouldn’t be true cause THEN I AM the experiencer, the reader of the post and I wouldn’t let anyone question my reality. But honestly I feel just the same thing and is driving me mad when you begin to question even the existence of the people you know cause you don’t always keep following them.
    SO as soon as you don’t see them do they stop existing!I know I am not putting this well. But I don’t see reasearching on this topic to prove healthy for my career life if I have to.
    But the worst part is that when you know if there is actually the posibility and I somehow know it’s true then it’s irksome that you are the only one going through day after day experiencing all kinds of shit.
    You know I even stopped reading the news as I have no proof that things actualy have HAPPENED cause I’ve not gone through
    I really liked your post Paul , I finally could see someone having this kind of thought cause even the scientists form my limited knowledge have not told about this thing though they talk about other life forms and things in far fetched space which we can’t even see.
    But if there is any way of knowing the Truth or coping with it do tell me.

  • rexusdiablos

    Joel? Why have you abandoned us?

    Respond to your sheep!

    (why does your home page attempt to sell us something – it conflicts with your overall message – should we not be trying to cultivate each other with out making a buck – I could be wrong on this – hopefully you’ll clarify)

  • I am not sure if life is a dream or not or if its all fake. some responses here make me think your all real… but then again it could be there just to throw me off..

  • Rev. 1

    It is interesting to hear diffrent peoples views on this. Within in the last year my so called dream have become more vivid and more”real”. I use to believe that there were meanings behind dreams, now I wonder if my dreams are actually the reality. Over the last year I have had 7 profound “dreams” and in all the dreams the subject matter is very similar to one another. Not only that,but 3 out of the 7 dreams have happen on the same date, the 24th of the month. It may not mean anything, but there are 30 days in a month, what are the odds that out of 7 dreams 3 of them were on the same date….coincedence or something else? I don’t know, I just pose the question. I feel that in each dream the time frame is sequencial, in one dream something happens and the next time I have a profound dream it feels like it has been that long of a time frame. Useually one month, so I know in the dream that that month has pasted, but I can’t see what happen to get me to that point. I think it is healthy to questions’s one place in this world, to question life and to think and believe that there is much more out there that we have not tapped into yet. They always say there is so much more potenical to the human mind and body and I believe it.

  • James Orr

    immortalized in love, you are free to choose your destiny once you realize your creative potential

  • James Orr

    the signs to the UNIverse are everywhere, but its just one verse, one song, one vibration. Its the vibration of learning. Learn to love and you can love all that is

  • James Orr

    we each carry our own tune, sing your song god, we are your instruments

  • James Orr

    time and space are the creator, follow your dreams

  • James Orr

    my dream is to wake up. I just did it. whats yours?

  • ruben arizpe

    For all of you that feel lost, read the book SyncroDestiny from Deepak Chopra. I found my way with this book.

  • ruben arizpe

    We live in 3rd dimension and very few like Albert Einstein live in 4th dimension. We are lately feeling this emptiness because we are Awakening from the Matrix. The Matrix is nothing more than a prison in your own mind, manipulated for many thousand of years back from a few Illuminati people that control the world and know the truth about how the universe works. They have programmed our brains with nonsense stuff like religions, money, cars, sex, competition, power, violence, technology so that we grow our egos so big and fight all the other big egos that have been created so that we lose our real purpose on this world so we work like robots and slaves for the few who control the world. This is done thru your TV, Radio, Movies, Newspapers, Books, Internet, etc. Don’t let them keep on programming you, Take control and choose over what you see and hear and don’t believe all that mumbo jumbo stuff that they say. The good news is that we are waking up because of the new planetary alignment taking place every 5,125 years and that will be on Dec, 21, 2012 going into the golden era where peace and harmony will rule. Right now we are coming out the darkest and worst eras which is the Dark Era that has been here for the last 5,125 years. Now here is the trick and the Mayans new this, you have to let go of your ego to go into this new era of 5th dimension. If we continue with our ugly egos hurting ourselves and others we will not make it to 2012. Our time is running out. We have Awaken that is the first step. The next is to transform like the butterfly or we will be of no good for the 5th dimension. Remember one thing. We are not what you see,hear,touch,smell, or feel. We are all ENERGY. We are all made of the same substance as the Creator, that makes us all little Gods. We are not individuals. We are all One Infinite Energy. We are all tiny drops from the same ocean. We are almost there, don’t give up. Just remember everyday; Am I a better person than yesterday.

    When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

  • rexusdiablos

    ruben arizpe, please get in touch. I want to learn more about what you discussed in your post.

    My address is my name

  • Michael Porath

    I do believe that there is a God and our real life begins when we wake up from this dream called life, and depending on our soul we or should I say our soul which controls the way we think, act, and love all end up in heaven or hell depending if one has a evil or a more ‘heavenly like soul’. Purgatory is a pretty deep topic that is hard for many religions and groups of people including myself to fully understand, but I am starting to gather that if there really are ghosts here on Earth, then THIS world here is purgatory for the dead and those souls that are here but can not been seen by the naked eye have unfinished business that only that soul(s) can accomplish. Living here in Wyoming helped me realize how badly secret societies (The Illuminati) want to control the aspects of your life. If they had their way, they would put a chip in a brain and control every moment of our life, just like a robot. When I look around, mainly at the people who work day in a day out and believe that everything the government is doing is right and they take every vaccine that someone asks (sometimes tries to force) you to take, then, stop, think, look, analyze, and finally realize that these guys are already succeding on controlling the world, the people, simply without even wasting their money on any mind control chips. All I ask is that everyone needs to control their own life and even if you are the Pope, everyone could still work on their soul by helping others any possible way to strengthening the divine soul we all possess, in which is the one and only thing that really means ANYTHING in this life in this universe.

  • Mudassir

    Dear All

    Glad to find the souls on a similar wavelength , slightly differing frequencies but the same motive i.e in search of the truth

    I am 100 % sure that this life is not real ,its an illussion of a real life somewhere ( I or we( i’m not sure ) are in a dream , but for a purpose of scoring points , yes we are in a game to score points .

    The scoring system is written on us or intuted or programmed the keys to understand are logical approach ( in line with the understandings ,energies n etc etc. given to us by our Programmer , The God )

    Almost all of us and few more who will join afterwords have come to a similar understanding experiencing same life but slightly differing cicumstances

    The resons on arriving on this stage are logical thinking , open mindedness , honesty , humbleness , etc. etc ….we all know / programmed

    We are in a test to be judged on the principles written on us or feed on our abilities to understand

    So what I concluded so far is , Carry on with the same spirit even if it is an illution , i am feeling it all and is for some purpose and i am being and will be judged on all what and how am i performing .

    In the end I want to share the truth that I came to this understanding through the message well described in Al Quran , Please do let me know as how you individually arrives on almost the same understanding as of mine

    Peace be on all of you

    Mudassir Hussain

  • In the past when I’ve done salvia, it became pretty clear that this world is not real, I’ve cried out in the realization that my mother did not exist either but as you come out of the experience, it fades and you’re back here, oblivious to “reality”

  • cml

    All of this comes down to love and whether or not we can help others by showing or giving love. This life on earth is to feel love physically with one another. When we are not here anymore on this tangible earth where we can feel and touch, we are sent off to learn something else. We are here to learn how to love and love others with emotional love activated by our physical beings.

  • Shmow

    I’ve been pondering this topic for a week now….. and I don’t know if life right now is a dream or reality. Sometimes I get frustrated with life and cry out to be woke from this dream. However who knows whether we are living a fantasy or a nightmare. Life when you wake up may be the best thing you have ever experienced, but life might also be a struggle for survival. Therefor you should live out your life to the fullest. Only gods know if your dream world or reality will be happier.

    Thanks for letting me express my thoughts,


  • bill

    tomorrow you will wake up as another person in another state and never know your previous life has ended

  • will

    I woke up tonight from a dream i had & the first thought that came to me was, is this the real world? or the place where i just came from?
    Sometimes i think about my past & i don’t believe it was really me,
    like it’s been program in my head or something.
    On top of that, it’s been broke-up in stages with just small details
    All this Hi-Tech stuff.. Seems the more we speed toward the future, the more we get to a dream sort of world.. where almost anything we think of is possible..Just like a lot of dreams i have.
    Who’s to say that.. this world is just to build our body & make us stay healthy so we can continue to live in our dream world.
    Anyway, Looks like both of these worlds might be headed for each other some time soon… Peace

  • Nicole

    I have been pondering these questions for a few weeks now. I think it’s horrible. I went from believing that this is the only real life and that when we do die we just turn into soil. You could say I had a very scentific perception on things. I liked it.. Things made sense, and every thing had a logical answer.
    Then I started wondering.. And his wondering has caused me to feel great anxiety and fear. I used to love life, I was excited about life, I was truly happy about my future, now I question reality.. I hate this.. And I hate all these theories.. And I hate that right now i’m wondring if I’m real or not.
    A seventeen year old is meant to be care free, but all I do is worry. How you can enjoy things in this so called ‘dream/unreal’ life if it is indeed not real? Doesn’t seem to be much point..

  • Nicole,

    I don’t have any easy answers for you, but I believe the world is more than it seems.
    To me, questioning the reality we see isn’t a doorway into despair – life doesn’t become meaningless.
    There is meaning here, even if reality is different than we know.
    Explore this world, enjoy everything you see and touch, but consider that there are worlds beyond worlds, that we may find a way to explore and enjoy.

  • moses

    life is so much a mystry we can’t comprehend as mere mortal. life is more or less a dream. who wld av agree he/she is dreaming if told during dream. where is our real self during sleep. this life is funny and probably not real.

  • Shauno

    Everything around us is energy including us, time is infinate, we were born once we have all the time in the world to be born again, time has no meaning in death so prepare to be reborn in a blink of an eye.

    I don’t know how atheists can believe in just death and thats it, if you really think about what i put above it is logical, rational and makes sence.

    “Both thorn and thistles it should bring forth, for us. For out of the ground we were taken for the dust we are, and to the dust we shall return.”

  • Ramirez

    Intersting thoughts everywhere, even if i hadn’t the time to read them all with the awareness they should earn.
    Human perception, animal perception, plant perception, all kind of perceptions are unique, even so in single indviduals of the kind.
    Your blue looks not like my blue. Time moves different for everyone. We are slaves of our senses, an universal world seems not to exist.
    In dreams it is the same, our senses and memories generate the world, just like in the “reality”.
    Is our life real or a dream?
    In a dream my body, my thinking, other persons feel very different and kind of artificial to me, but i can’t say the reson isn’t that i am more used to reality.
    Just a few thoughts… like the Dreamtime seems to me like a good idea, and a way to explain many strange things in our perceptions, and perhabs our dreams.

  • wishmaster

    last days I was telling this philosophy to my friends, and suddenly somehow this blog appeared from nowhere. I thought that I am the only one with this kind of thinking. I told them that maybe they are my creations, and everything around me, this blog, this comments, the whole world and universe, it’s all my creation. It’s like a dream, you are talking with others, making some conversations but they are you, your unconsciousness and when you realize that you are in a dream.. it becomes lucid dream and you know that you can easily do what you want and everything is possible. Maybe I am here to realize something to discover something and wake up, or whatever it can be.. I can do whatever I want with this world, but .. it is nessesery to have faith and believe that you can do it. When I was a little have dreams, I couldn’t control my dreams cause I don’t know that I CAN.

  • Rob

    I woke up from a dream tonight and on the t.v they where talking about space and what it ment. I just graduated highschool and im going to college but the last 2 weeks ive been wondering about my future life and if i will have a family and kids or if something changes my course. but every time i have a dream its what i want it to be but lately i feel like something is showing me a diffrent path so i asked my self is life real or not so i typed it in and i got brought to this page and it helped alot but what i dont understand is whats beyond life ? my parents are both christian not hardcore but they do believe there is a god but im on the border of science and religion and i think people will have better understandings of life when they figure out whats beyond it.

  • me

    Who really knows what this life is about?

    Myself personally belive that we are all part of a huge biomass, space would be like the insides of a huge creatures intestines, pitch black and perhaps stars are like specific cells that generate heat to digest food?

  • Chad

    Our identity seems to comes from what others tell us about ourselves (ex. your funny, your handsome, your mean, etc). So without others identifying us, would we exist on this earth? If I walk into the woods and never interact with another person, do I still exist? It would seem that if society believed that I was gone that I would no longer be a part of this exercise we call reality? Maybe death is just a tool that we created for ourselves to allow our spirits to progress to the next dimension. Death is just a definitive point in time that everyone cognitively agrees that another person is gone from this reality.

  • Turan

    Hi guys, I recently discovered the meaning of life “personal belief” and would like to share that with people.

    I was born and raised in a Muslim family so I always believed I was Muslim until i grew older, being gay and Muslim didn’t work out my way and when i started questioning the rules of Allah I began to drift away.

    I stopped believing the religion and became an atheist, that made more sense to me, somehow the idea of this beautiful heaven was just not convincing in this reality for me.

    Few events happened in my life that made me question atheism, I started thinking things that happen in your life gives this place a meaning so there must be something more then just these.

    One day I spoke to this girl about a drug called “DMT” which i’ve never heard of until that day, she told me all about how she believes it takes you away from reality and you go to another dimention and etc so it sounded interesting, also the fact that this drug was in every humans brain (also plants and animals) so it makes it natural, its the same feeling you get when you are first born and when you are about to die and smaller effects when you are sleeping every night.

    Anyways it sounded intense so I chickened out, i kept reading about it and it just sounded awesome, I told my friend about it and we decided to try it.

    As soon as I took the drug it took me few seconds to drop on the floor and forget everything about earth, I mean everything from a family member to my personal belongings to the mere existence of earth. I was in a place that cannot be described as physical, I had mixed feelings, the feeling lasted few minutes until i started shifting between the worlds. As I was appearing in the real world i started regaining my memory with earth, i knew this feeling, it was me being born in the hospital, the shock of me entering another world, only this time I was 23 years old, the feeling was the same but my brain was shocked about the thought of me being in this world for 23 years, having my own car, family members and everything I have achieved during my lifetime. As the effects of DMT was fading away, I felt like the physical world was the dream and I was going back to it, which was temporary and it felt like it wouldn’t take too long before I am done with it.

    The world I was in DMT was familiar, felt like I was there yesterday, I experienced the feeling of me being born and I realized this world is fake. Everything in life makes sense.

    The religions that most people believe in is not a lie, its just an instruction booklet for us in a way that we can understand, which is to imagine everything in a physical form. Heaven is pretty, hell is hot and evil, god is huge and angels r attractive. This is all the basic explanation for the humans but we took it too far and started having war over which one is right, they are all right in the big picture you just got to ignore the exaggerated details like eating pork is sin and showing your hair to public is a shame. Enjoy your life and be a kind person.

    I think that we have a life after this physical dream were in, and that reality does not involve anything that you can see because its not physical, its a soul or energy or what ever you wanna call it and your purpose in life is I reckon probably to discover the answer and enjoy your life. I feel like more and more puzzle pieces are forming together the more I think about life, DMT opened up my brain and now I feel like I cheated the answer and founded by appearing in my reality which is obviously the top secret if all us humans forget it at a very young age.

    Enjoy your life guys, but just don’t get too deep and know that its temporary, we are all one and we are in this place together no matter where we are from or what we look like.

  • GReggy g

    I constanly think about how evrything was created or what ever. im not really good with highly intelegent words so im just gona talk like a normaly do. i apologize lol. but anyways i actualy have thought of other ways that i have never even heard of or experienced into why we exsist or how. I just think there is an infinite amount of ways because people keep thinking of diffrent ways and they tell other people and then it goes into that whole telephone game if you know what im saying. people make mistakes so if someone tells them how they thinnk of life and it sounds amusing to them there gona tell someone else but it might not be the exsact words so things get misinturperted. Our minds are very complex things. woulndt you think before you invent somthing you need to think of it first? If this is true then dosnt that mean our minds create evrything. somehow we start out as very basic things. for exsample the car i guess. who ever invented that started with basic things and thought of a way to use those things to create such an advance thing. Ive read some studies on how our mind can possibly run evrything. for exsample our brains cannot tell if somthing is real or fake, so if you see a pepsi can and you looking at it you know its there because you see it right. so if u imagine the same pepsi can ur brain still is sending singnals or w.e as if you were really looking at it. Idk if im making sense its kinda hard to explain while typing this. but i relaly hope some of you comment on this and tell me what you think.

  • i question my reality because in my dreams i don’t

  • haze

    no, life is not real, we r being simulated in a physical virtual life.

  • Mike

    Lovin it.

    I’m getting freaked out with all this too. I keep thinking through it over and over again. Could everything just be a figment of my or someone elses imagination? I also recently thought about when we sleep we might leave our bodies to somewhere unreal and return to our souls when we wake up. It’s all very alarming but it’s nice to see I’m not alone… Or am I?

  • Turan

    Mike I think you’r on the right track. I think we do leave our bodies when we sleep, we go back to our real world, but when ever we wake up we forget, because our physical brain did not attend to the place we went to, so it doesn’t store up the information we retrieved during that time, therefore we don’t remember doing it. DMT is the only time we can rememeber, because its the time where we are right in between both the worlds, so the brain rememberes it because of the instant swap overs between the information, but even so, it does not take too long before you feel like all this was just your imagination, that is what you call the limitation of our brains, because they are not capable of accepting such information that does not link with the physical world, this means it is not a useful information to store, so our mind starts doubting the mere existance.

  • Angela

    heeey Okay I think I am literally going crazy or already have….. I keeo thinking that everything is fake and I just woke up from a transe but my old habits are still keeping up with me. I wish I never thought liek this because it is tearing me apart. really tearing me apart. I keep thinking that I am just amking up everything around me and nothing is real that some how everything is a hallucination. I keep thinking that I am in acomma and will wake-up from this horrible thought. I find myself having troubles concentrating on my life. I feel like Im stuck in this form of life and who I am and when I look back it seems riducles that I have been crying over if my life is real or not cause it must be real…. I couldnt have just made up everything…. I cant just make up my brother, mom, dad and my animals or the house I live in or the trips I have been on or the schools I have attended the friends I have made cant all just be a simulation of my imagination. I feel sick to my stomach and wish that I would just go back to being in the state of transe that I once was in so then I would feel more comfortable in my life and how my life was and will be. I feel like this is all fake there is no laptop in my hand no cat in the corner of my living room licking him self on a chair. No tv that Im watching cause its all fake, Who knows maybe I am just crazy right now … I dont know maybe these senses that I feel are just things that I have made up in my head. I hope not but I think I need to check myself in a mental hospital sometimes.

  • i think we are all from different dimesnions….ur not real in my dimension and im not real in ur dimension…..its possible

  • Vicki

    I came across a book almost 3 years ago called, “Busting Loose from the Money Game” by Robert Scheinfeld. It is really how to bust loose from the human game. I have been using the model in this book since I read it. I believe life is a dream. That seems hard to believe logically, but by experiencing it…well, that changes everything doesnt it? For anyone who posted on this site who wants to wake up…I highly recommend this book. It is not so easy waking up, but it is so worth it, and ALL your questions will be answered by you on your journey…as each journey is so individual. This dream becomes so enjoyable and amazing …..

  • christian

    im young and i think that life is a dream because how did life start its like a dream your just in the middle of it and so ;how can we define life it self without knowing what or how it started and i thought about it and its just a dream not our dream but someones and when we die we wake up and we find out the sorce so life can no linger be real to me

  • Edward

    I’ve gone through an intellectual chain from systematic belief of everything being like a clock, empty machines, to a spiritually concentrated one (Gnosis) and ended in just plain thought and understanding(Zen). Life is real only in the sense that we can experience it and everything exists only because of thought, if a table was placed in front of you, but you would have no awareness of it being there, it would be just the same as if it wasn’t there. If we weren’t aware of the world, it wouldn’t exist to us, that’s why thought is the only real thing as I see it. And seeing how injuries, especially brain damage, can change the way a person acts, I come to think of this reality as a doorway of manifestation of Consciousness, and the way it interacts with the world is defined through our inner code DNA. It like a collection of do’s and don’t ‘s,
    I see it like saying “If I’m invited to a movie: I will accept >if I like the gander of the movie>if I like the person who’s inviting me … and so on :) So basically we all are one mind, just expressed through different views of interacting with reality.

    And about the right and wrong stuff, it just isn’t real, we ourselves in history defined what is right and what is wrong. When you consider that, you understand that there is only action, and the right and wrong definition arose from the result being pleasant or unpleasant. But here comes the point, that not all people react the same and what is said to be wrong let’s say a common action in the world like rape would be perfectly right if the rapist would have picked a victim that finds that action to be pleasant. For another example: if we were raised to think, that killing and dieing is perfectly normal and funny, we would see it that way, because we were conditioned to see it that way. So the must come a point in life when you truly begin to see that there is now right and wrong, living badly or fully, it just is and what it is, only depends from what you want it to be. Are you disappointed from because you got cheated by your loved one or that your pet died, in less the one second you can become happy about it if you only want to, just understand that it is an action, a theater play, and pick the moment when you want to stand up and applaud the actors for making you experience the whole play as real experience and remind yourself that it was only a play, no matter what it made you feel sorrow, happiness, love and be thankful for the experience because without the situation you’d never understand what it feels like.

    So my view of life is, accept it as a game, death -> game over, pick another one or play it again if you liked it, birth -> game on, live it as you want to live it, if you want to achieve something be it a head of a company or a level 80 character in WoW, if you feel good doing it, then do it, if there were no challenges in life it would be boring, it’s all about striving to achieve what you want, I for example like to relax a lot, stay in my thoughts. I have no reason to think that what I am doing could be replaced by a jump from a cliff that would give adrenalin and excitement, because lying on my bed and flying in my fantasies or just listening to music is enough for me to feel happy and to understand that I am doing it because I want to.

    Hope u didn’t get bored ;)
    Do what you want to do, because that’s what makes u want to go on :) Life is a stage and it’s magnificent.

  • Floating in Infinity

    I believe life must be a dream because like someone else has said it’s like a dream,you start off your dream somewhere along a journey/story in the middle and you’ve no idea how you got there which is very similar to why nobody can rightly explain how our universe started,it just seems to have appeared and cannot as yet be explained.You can have some amazing dreams and at the point of death you wake up which i believe is the same as our reality now,
    we end our lives and expect to die but then wake up in a different level of consciousness within yet another dream,never ending,continuous infinity of forever.I love this subject and there’s so much stuff from people to read about,whichever you believe is real just make sure you enjoy yourself!!

  • Becky

    I have been struggling with this concept for the past week or so. I keep wondering whether or not I am actually living in emptiness by myself, simply filled with my projections of buildings and people. What about my family? Are they real? I work hard in school because one day I want to be the best at whatever career I choose. Is all this in vain? Are my friends and family just made up images from my subconscious? I am so confused. I have also been struggling with whether or not Christianity is true, and now this is throwing everything Ive ever thought. Please help.

  • Carl

    I founded this subject of ‘are we real’ in 2006 and it really severley depressed me because it just can’t be proven. Life became pointless. It kept me awake through the night and disrupted my whole existence. It depressed me for about 2 years, the birth of my children disengaged my brain from this thought.
    Now 6 years on this thought never goes away once you find it, and hell it really is a comfort now! The SHIT of this life ie bills, ill health, death really doesn’t matter because when you realise it, life IS NOT real, it really is an illusion, so now I am enjoying life now because I know it is a fuck up of an illusion! So I can now drink and smoke without any worries!!

  • Edee

    I am so glad so many people share some of the things that go through my head daily… haunts me really. I thought I was just a tooo deep of a thinker and have suggested my idea’s to friends in drunken debates and they act as if I’m crazyand at times I feel that way. I have thought that my was like a movie and everything is just too constructed from what’s on T.V to the cars going down the road, to the people we meet. this might sound outraeous but the next time you are riding down the road look at the cars around you….They seem like their in their own world while your looking. I know this is my most “far-fetched” idea but I just feel like I have to get these off my chest. I also think that maybe GOD is an “alien” of an intelligent planet and we are just it’s or their creation…like how we use test animals because they are weaker than us, maybe to them we are the “test animals”…even in the bible says that angels appeared from the sky, and had bright lights around them…it could have been “aliens”(really intelligent life-beings) ascending from the sky in their spaceships….I believe they have already accomplished technology and we are slowly getting to their intelligent level but are WAY behind. Scientists found an old cave drawing with what appears to be light bulb…. I believe “aliens” have already invented everything they graduated from robot to us. If they had already invented the light bulb that many years ago that means they are that many years ahead of us in technology. They say the Eygtians could not have possibly inventd or constructed the pyramids considering even today with our technology we could not recreate them…crazy huh…Also another thought that pops in mind is that we are living in Purgatory and we keep living our lives over and over until we get it right….ever had deju vu? i think tha’s why we have that feeling, but like I said these are just my thoughts….anybody ever tthought any of this or am I just crazy???

  • Justice

    I have been a “closet intellect” during my entire so called existence. Over that past three years, I have dedicated all, I repeat all, of my time to deep thought (finding real truth). So far through reading all of these comments, I would consider that Ruben Arizpe and Turan explain it best. I have experienced an awakening I believe is really dark and depressing yet brilliant! Everyone (so called normal) is delusional (insane). There is no God. We are all gods of our own being and creation. Our information is transferred through our minds eye (real visual) and energy from our body. Everything else is non existent (crap). Our species that do not know this (vast majority) will never understand why arguments happen (example). It’s because they have already gathered the info from the brain (brainwaves) yet are verbally saying something different. That is why they say, if you are not connected to what you are saying, how will the other? You are on both variables. Titles are what rule us (jobs, names, possessions, HUMAN BEING” Def: any interest or thought based on the ideals of man” being the biggest…. “I’m only human…” It’s a huge barrier. Once you realize your own powers, you will tap into everything that is possible. My biggest question is “Why are we not thinking of defeating gravity?” Our power that creates everything we believed in is possible of doing anything (scary once you are capable of noticing this. It’s like you slow down the brain to see all of what is pixalating. In my opinion, 2012 will be the next evolution. The biggest one yet! When others converse “the world will come to an end” simply means “as we know it. That is the world (my world) I am looking forward to. The world of the awakened and true beings.
    A person I would like to call a friend of mine goes by the name of Robin Sharma author of “The monk who sold his Ferrari” (great book) helped me understand what I was actually going through during my dark time and guided me to read “A new earth” by Eckhart Tolle one who has a extreme significant with my thoughts (another great book). My current state is preparation for extending my thoughts at a deeper level and applying them to the universe and what is to come. You must understand that you and me “we” (oneness) are living in a space as we speak. What do you want to do with it???? Forgive me if I am sporadic through my writings, but I could go much deeper than this, deeper than language allows you to. It’s just hard for me to articulate my thoughts onto paper. I invite your thoughts to my writings. Ruben Arizpe, Turan I would really like to connect with you.

  • Pat.

    The Universe is a body. Planets are atoms and molecules. The sun resembles a nucleus with planets resembling protons and electrons. My Physics is very naive, but you get the idea. What then, are we? The answer? Bacteria. Just look at buildings and the pollution we create. I got this idea form Joe Rogan, the comedian and Fear Factor host, so I cannot call this my own idea completely, all I can say is that I agree with it. Basically, reality is an illusion in the sense that it feel more important to us than it really is universally. Ants for example; I’m sure they think they are smart, they create societies and housing as well. To us, they are dumb, but in their reality they feel important and probably see us as unintelligent evil beings destined to destroy the Earth. Maybe they can’t think at all, but you get my point. So basically, we are insects, or bacteria, whichever makes you feel more special…Our job? Well, it seems our job is to multiply and destroy the Earth and ourselves. We are cancer, we destroy our host and then destroy our only means of survival. Soon, perhaps we will move on to another cell, or planet, only to destroy that planet (cell), and jsut do the same thing over again until we are wiped out. It is for this reason I have decided not to reproduce. A) I don’t want a kid born into such a hostile and screwed up world and B) I don’t have much faith in the human race, or myself, for that matter. I feel the human race is innately evil, we just are delusional to our evil doings and feel like we are fine. This is like serial killers, they feel they are normal and feel no remorse for their victims. Same with us, we slaughter animals, kill forests, etc. We feel no remorse. It’s about survival. So basically, if you want to know what happens to use when we die, the same thing that happens when bacteria or a cell dies. Where does it go? We can find the answers to bigger aspects of the universe by looking at the things that go on within ourselves. Space is space, whether here on this desk or millions of light years away. The principles are all the same and apply in all of space and the universe. I am a universe, you are a universe, and so on. We are all living in some universe, the cells in our bodies are like universes, etc. Just multiple universes. We go wherever our cells go, they too, are energy, Perhaps they are somewhat conscious as well and see their reality as beautiful, while we just see them as shapes moving under a microscope. That is the truth about nature and reality. It just isn’t so magnificent in the grand scheme of things. We are just like insects or cells. If there is no afterlife for bacteria or cancer, why would you assume there would be one for us?

  • wakeup

    life isn’t real , everything is just a memory , are brain is everything FACT : we feel see , & hear with are brains we process everything up there ! how do we know we are really here and just not nothing imaging everything ( are eyes ears hands everything sends messages to are brains ) a few months ago is when I really started to believe that we are not ” living ” but imaging . and what I hoping is that when we die we finally wake up . I am SOOO lost , I wish I was still blind to this situation !!!

  • thewhiterabbit

    finally u people are waking up ths life as you call it is fake and the only people that can ake you up is yourself maybe once we die we finally are realeased from this simulation

  • Phil P-S

    Unfortunately ‘life is real’ and those who rule us do a very poor job of it. The reason we ask this question is very simple. 1) We can’t stand the hatred of other humans, the greed of other humans and the lack lustre ability of those ‘in charge’. 2) Religion is simply a cushion for existence. It came before science and was so powerful at controlling the masses, using fear, it has remained a force today. If we all believed in religion this question would not need to be raised. In future generations we will be seen as we see neanderthals today – evolution is taking us somewhere. Maybe the question should be “will we, as a species, be around long enough to know what the peak of our existence has in store for mankind?”. There is so much to be said…

  • rexusdiablos

    @Phil P-S: The apex of man is achievable through transhumanism and the harmony of the biological with the technological. The classification of such a progeny species is ambiguous.

    What would really blow my mind is if we were to find out that by design, we’re already form of organic technology, as in something more akin to nanotechnology. If this were the case, it would mean that we’ve been physiologically and intellectually incapacitated by design. We could thereby extrapolate that it was never the intention of our creator(s) for us to be anything beyond what we are now.

    I believe that the truth of the nature of our existence, whatever it may be, is already known but suppressed from the masses by the ruling elite.

  • Ben

    all the people that share the same thoughts, i never told anyone i felt this way because obviously i didnt think anyone was real. now obviously im just wondering if any of you are real, and it goes on and on. the only truth i can offer is that my soul is real, i know because im feeling these emotions. basically i think therefore i am. haha. but it helps to see other people are lost, endlessly searching for the truth like me.. not all shallow just gliding through “life” never thinking. i dont think ill ever find the answers. but it helps me to read this, im still figuring out how. talk to me if you struggle the same as i do, the loneliness i feel may be a fabricated emotion but deep down i feel the hidden desire for someone to convince me this life is real. thanks for posting this.

  • I totally agree with what all of you said. I’ve been asking myself this question for a while. We all have constructed, built and innovated so much on a very unstable basis. What I mean is that what we see is what our life is. When you close your eyes you have a total different vision of life. So what we see is what we believe but if what we see was not real. If we really “open” our eyes and find ourselves in something much different. Life is a mirror of our fears and desires as one of you said. But what are our fears and desires when there is nothing. Our life is constructed by our fears and desires but before life is constructed what are our true fears and true desires. Deja Vu is this thing where you have the impression to already have lived something. Well how can we explain this case? It’s maybe because we already saw it for we know that will happen only because we are the cause. And destiny, what is destiny. Isn’t it you who is supposed to make your own destiny? Who says that what we think are dreams isn’t real life? What is the good and the bad? For each individual there is a good and a bad. But these differ. And then what is death? Why if our heart stops we arn’t living anymore? WHy is it so fast? Is death an illusion if life is just a dream?

  • dec

    I had all these thoughts and seriously you guys need to realize you need help or your going to end up insane. The thoughts your thinking are delusions. If you guys have a voice in your head that you believe to be you asking all these questions then you’re the ones who are needed to ” wake up “. You all heard about this concept of waking right? well let me put it straight, it doesn’t mean to wake up to any other reality, it means to wake up to the present moment. The only moment we have, to wake up to all of our senses and experience this ride called life. To realize that it is always now and be mindful. You’ve wondered to far into your imagination, maybe you’ve spent to much time alone in fear or researching the wrong things and your mind has been corrupt. As far as we know, we don’t know if god exists or not, and that is the absolute reality. The thoughts in your mind are not you, they are part of you, but you are so much more. I’m not talking about spirit or anything of the sort, I’m talking about how we are genius’s, we have the ability to communicate and love, now that is what’s real and shared between us all. that is reality. But we’re to busy living in other moments to really appreciate the gift we’ve been given. If your thinking about death right now or waiting for death to move onto a better life, you’re already dead.

    Buddism and Jon Kabaz’s teaching are a great way help stop your insanity and enjoy your life

  • anonymous


    82 dec – this conversation should be locked, your post as the last 1.

  • rexusdiablos

    This self-indulgent pseudo-philosophizing needs to stop. You exist in this reality/plane/dimension for a purpose. Consider the time you spend musing on this ubiquitous “Am I real/who am I?” precept. Now consider what you might achieve if but 50% of this time was allocated towards finding genuine solutions for elevating all of the species on this planet.

    All countries are being driven into third world status and several means of depopulation are being used on the international populaces of the world. Our civil freedoms are close to being eradicated. One in four of us going to die from cancer. One in four children will have neurological impairments like autism and ADHD. What’s worse is that all of these problems are deliberated by governments and oligarchs.

    About 30,000 children die every day from preventable starvation and preventable disease but the best most of you can seem to do is wallow in self-pity about the uncertainty of your own existence.

    We don’t have the right to muse about our existential purpose or lack thereof until we can get things right on the most basic of levels.



    WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A child dies of malnutrition every minute you selfishly waste on what will always be perpetual endless introspection.

    I’ll close in saying that the most pathetic “spiritualists” and “philosophers” of all are those who still see fit to murder and then eat the dead bodies of our fellow species. Not only is their time spent on philosophizing selfish, it’s discrepant. I’m not saying that all vegetarians/vegans are master spiritualists but I am saying that all adept spiritualists are vegetarian/vegan. I always enjoy watching “the circle of life” argument fall apart when our species are displaced on the food chain. So much for the golden rule, eh?

  • Phil P-S

    Hi, again (last post 89). Our brains are evolving every second, we (as a human race) become more clearer about whats going on. It’s absolutely fine to be confused – this just means you know there is more to the life you currently lead, this of course can add a dark place or a brighter place. Control is the key – every single person has a level of control – from blocking out emotions to wanting to rule the world. Society has a tolerence on control, hence control freaks, but nevertheless we all have a certain amount of control. Using control will help you decide on whether to believe if life is real or just a dream – you control your decision. All you have to do is remember that you control your decision, you and you alone, no matter what has been said or imagined. If you ever feel you are losing your mind thinking about this too much then write it down, save it for another day, read it again and see if you still feel the same – if you do then write some more and explore it – don’t let it control you, you control it!!!

  • J.

    we’re just consciousness, that’s it.

  • openminded

    I woke up this morning and i felt diconnected from the world. Like I was in a movie or something…. I sometime long for answers that no one can answer… I know something isn’t right I just don’t know what! Maybe the God way is the easy way to go but even then I fell lost.

  • snfo

    Yours? mine? Ours? In those questions lies the answer.

  • RBG

    Neo are you still there? It’s been three years. To everyone else on here hello.

  • rexusdiablos

    @RBG: I saw him leave on the Nebuchadnezzar.

  • T

    When I awoke from the dream of life I discovered I was enlightened I would clearly see how every believes they know what they doing but they all literally in a trance trying to get into the future or past and never really exerience reality due to the illusion created by the mind. Yes this world is a prison for your mind but once you escape then u see how everyone in the world is being manipulated by this illusion.

  • Abel

    I have been reading many writings and books of philosiphers and great minds, a lot point to a higher relem or dimension or another life before and or after. yes we dont know whats next and drugs can only help our anxiety to our perpetual fantasy that never lets us rest to the thought of the after life. The what if’s never seem to stop, having the echo of eternity tugging on our minds. I don’t think were to far off, but it almost seems like we’re the gost in the shell if every living thing has energy (aka the soul) it’s as if this is the frist time the soul recognized it self as part and an indivsual entity to this reality. is life really what I see in my day to day life, or is it some information stored somewhere? it feels real but if i have nothing to compare it then this could just be a ripple in reality,I feel to understand this question we first have to understand if we really have free will (I don’t think so, if you want to hear my thoughts on that let me know).

  • Alex Sharpe

    I feel this is the biggest question we can ever ask. To know the correct answer may be all we would ever need to know again. I’ve had theories that could never be proved or disproved just because of this question.

  • RBG

    I’ve been reading the recent comments/posts on here. It seems as though anything worth knowing has to be complicated.Even knowing the difference between this reality and the actual reality doesn’t mean that it is truth. My opinion is that truth is more than knowing and it’s unobtainable being in the state that we are all in. I’ve never read tons of books by philosphers, met with gurus, sipped tea with wise men that shared stories passed down generation after generation. I don’t know what it’s like to be enlightened by such things. I don’t even think that would be enough for me. I could share my “matrix” stories, the illusion flickering like the flame of a candle on a windy day. I could even share dreams with you all but I don’t know how that will help any us know more about “reality”. Some of my thoughts/questions revolve around people knowing. Like what would happen? Would the illusion just shatter for me or all? Would it be a good thing? Why does the illusion exist? Knowing is very complicated and it complicates everything. I strongly believe that we are all interconnected and if we all were to see the illusion for what it is all at once then that would be the only chance for us to know what is real. If we can’t all wake up together, it doesn’t matter if 1 person,2 people or 1 billion wake up because the rest are still asleep. It sometimes feel unfair to be trapped in such a small space and still have to move through the world. My only phsyical existance is me being distracted by everything around me long enough to figure things out and to fullfil my purpose whatever that may be. It just feels like i occupy myself with these things in order to buy more time to understand how to be what I am supposed to be. Everything happens for a reason and nothing is coincidental. I’ve always been inquisitive and it has always gotten me into trouble. Even recently the knowledge that I’ve gained has been nothing but stress on me. Like forces are trying to break me and stop me or maybe all of that is just being done as a test to make me stronger. It’s confusing and it’s complicated and people who dont want to understand because that knowledge challenges their thought of existance…they quickly put you inside a box. They dismiss you, they cut you off midsentence or mock the information that you’ve shared with them. And if you survive all of that and learn more about this thing we call reality then just be prepared to be put into the nuthouse. So my only advice is to take your time learning the “know” and don’t accept it as truth just as facts…also distracted yourself or atleast look distracted. Gives you more time to figure things out without “things” figuring out that you know.

  • henry

    lately i have began to wonder wether life is ‘real’, by that i mean, are we in control of what we do? people dont do certain things because they ‘know’ that they shouldn’t, what if in fact our lives are being controlled by something else? and this is all a ‘dream state’.

  • ERL

    When you really find out the truth, it is something that cannot be fully described in words. It us an understanding that is so vast that it can only be comprehended in the mind and the soul. The soul is timeless. When you understand that our physical bodies are just a vessel to interact in this world and that the soul is our true nature and what we really are, that’s when all of these questions will start to make sense. We are all beings as old as time, and this lifetime here on Earth, is but one lifetime we will live in an endless lifetime of lifetimes. Since the soul is our true nature and it is immortal, then we will forget more than we will ever learn. But when one becomes aware of this, that’s when you can start to understand the true meaning of your existence. It may take lifetimes to figure this out, but once you do, that’s when you can truly start to live. :)

  • Edward

    Everything can be Summed up in 3 words.

  • Bob

    How can anything be real if we are only composed of atoms. Life must be an imaginary state or dream through which I alone am travelling in a period of 70 earth years of time which is the revolution of the earth around the sun. It is always now, and no such thing as time exists just as a reference to my three score and ten. This world is just a plaything for my enjoyment, my dream or illusion.

  • Michael

    Life is just a dream. It can be thought of as something that doesn’t make any sense sometimes and it can feel like forever but is also so short you can’t remember it. It can be good or bad and it can be very frustrating. We wait anxiously for death, we wonder when and how it will happen. Life is a real dream, not like the dreams we have when we sleep. It is a dream with many borders, rules and laws and very few understandings,special moments and certainties. With so little guarantees this dream can turn to a nightmare and you usually wake up when you have nightmares. Try to keep dreaming and you might live a long life.

  • Anonymus

    I feel like life has me trapped. I have bad anxiety and cant even talk to people bc I….i just cant. I dont know what to say, I cant form opinions or ask questions. I cant even put my name with this bc im afraid somone who knows me will read it and laugh at me for how I feel. I cant end my life bc im too afraid of what will come of it. Im trapped. I cry bc im sad and alone, and I cant get myself out of this state of mind no matter what. I feel like a lab rat. I feel like I am not real, im a test subject thats forced to be around a bunch of “normal” people. Why would anyone put someone in a trap lime mine? I wish I understood what I am, and why.

  • Carol

    You should not tell others that life is a dream – it is something they need to discover within themselves – you know – like Santa! :) LIFE IS A DREAM!!

  • Psychiatrist Dude

    Thinking about this just leads to question after question after question. There is no straight-forward answer so I’ll say enjoy life how it is; dream or real. But in my opinion, it doesn’t matter, as a psychiatrist, this question pops up on a regular basis; my reply: I don’t know, no-one knows and they never will. You choose in what you want to believe. And thats my advice to all you: believe what you want to believe in this problem…

  • rexusdiablos

    Life might be a simulated learning environment. The objective being to learn. The simulation could be contained within a construct. The construct may be the product of extra-dimensional beings, a super computer of sorts or a future version of our race experiencing a form of historical simulation. Nothing is physical; everything is energy. Atoms aren’t solid spherical components; they’re energy. Every atomic derivative whether it be your body or a chair is therefore energy. If you want to take it a step further, assess how quantum physics behaves: the behavior changes upon human observation. Is this not how modern video games operate? i.e. a character moves from one area of the game to the next seamlessly however each area of the game does not load until required i.e. just like quantum physics; upon human observation. You can apply this behavior to your field of vision. Everything in front of your eyes (what you’re observing) is in focus. You then have a peripheral vision. It’s out of focus but on standby. When you switch to it, it comes into focus (loads). Just like quantum physics and modern video games, the behavior changes upon observation. As outlandish as such a hypothesis may seem, it begins to make a lot of sense if you’re unafraid to entertain it.

  • T

    If you went a week without thinking and then experienced life you will see more clearly how life is a dream. Meditation is a good way of waking up from the dream of life. Sometimes it can be a good dream sometimes a bad dream but ultimately all you see is a reflection of yourself in the external world.

  • T

    Life is a dream created by the ego. The Ego is ultimately an illusion. People misidentify the voice in their heads As them. The real You is consciousness. This conciousness experiences itself subjectively. So the ego creates a external world around itself where everything is seperate from you and dreams up life according to its interests and likes and dislikes. As this ego isn’t real it feels very insecure and constantly tries to trick you into believing that it’s you, just as life a dream created by the ego. So just like the film the matrix we are living in a dream world created by the illumanti.

  • kate

    Hi anonymous

    Go into the fear and feelings and do not resist them. The trapped feeling is you thinking you are a puppet to something external and that you are your body and thoughts – when you actually are the divine consciousness that flows through your body. It is you that is using the body as a puppet – not you being a puppet.

    All our suffering comes from us thinking we are the puppeteer and we suffer because we cannot control anything including our lives from this state

    Let your troubled thoughts flow like a fountain and do not catch hold of them and make them you. The are just thoughts.

    If you allow yourself to be still and trust – Love will arise and you will feel its embrace and watch life unfold perfectly and not predictably x

  • A

    To Kate and T
    I resonate most with what you have shared.
    Thank you.
    I feel I am at the door and am so afraid to open it and go inside. A battle of fear, fear of letting go. How do I just let go and trust myself?

  • A

    I’ve completed “Busting Loose from the Business Game” by Robert Scheinfeld and am in the “walking in truth” program. Anyone have any experience with this?

  • The True Enlightened one.

    To all you people who think life is just a dream, if that’s so then how do you explain the feeling of knowing something, interacting with someone you love being taught something. Those aren’t ideas, they’re ways/how to’s of things another person has already lived. God is real, if he’s not then we’re all fake, sure there could be a single cell organism that formed us all, but who put it there? The big bang could have created our galaxy, but who put the matter/energy there to make all of this? Existence was created, and so where you.

  • brianna

    What if when you’re going to die in a few moments but you’re experiencing your past life flash before your eyes & it just makes you feel like it’s lasting a lifetime?

  • chandrika sharma








  • Amber

    I have recently turned to this way of thinking, to wonder whether life is real. In my opinion, it seems to me that everything I can see is a vision, an image. I can only feel things as far as I can reach. I can’t reach over the other side of the room so how can I prove that its really there? …Or something like that. I don’t care whether this is true or not and I don’t really mind either way, I just want to know. That’s the saddest thing though isn’t it? We will never know.

    When you think about it, our whole existence is extraordinary. Everything and anything, (if you were to look at it as if you were an alien) seems impossible. Seems like it could be a dream. I have so many theories about what life is – unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to describe them well enough for them to make sense. Maybe, i’m already dead (This is what I am scared of most) and this is my mind making things up… You see! its ridiculous but its just what i feel. I’m not crazy and I wouldn’t have even given these notions any thought two years ago but some how…

    I think it all started when I caught pneumonia and because of this, had a hallucination where suddenly, everything was as if I was in a dream. My life suddenly felt as if it had never been. My whole life had been a dream. My family was never real. Life was never real. I was living a dream.
    It was terrifying and only lasted what must have been a couple of minutes but what felt like an hour. Thats when it started I guess. Either that or its a combination of sleepwalking, strong de ja vu and lucid dreams… Ugh, my mind is so messed up!

    I am not a morbid person in the slightest. I’m probably one of the most cheeriest people you’ll ever meet. I don’t really believe in god and i don’t believe in the big bang. I believe -sort of- in the Watchmaker Analogy (The earth is so complex and detailed that it must have been made by something or someone, it can’t have just appeared). I don’t want to think these thoughts of illusions. I want to be dissuaded by someone, proved wrong. But every time I look around me all I can think is – illusions, everything is an illusion. its all in my head. everything that is said to me is coming from my own mind, like in a dream. Like Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.

    If you think about it, our eyes do exactly what a camera lens does (I’m not exactly sure how to explain that one).

    Is there anything that can be done to convince me otherwise? Anything I can do? (Besides visit a psychiatrist, hah!)

    I don’t care whether life is a dream or not, I just want to know either way. Uncertainty is hideous.

  • John

    I started wondering these same things almost 2 years ago. My son and I was in a car accident, and I was beat up broken bones and nothing wrong with my 2 year old a drunk driver doing 80mph in a full size f-150 ran us over. It was like a switch in my brain turned on I started thinking about things I never had before. Now I spend hours every day thinking about life and what it is, what it means. I started seeing a therapist and she told me it’s normal just go on with your life, but it’s not normal. Not to me at least. I used to play sports go out doors do stuff, and now I just day dream all day long. Many questions I have. The thing that gets me the most I’ve never been like this before just lived life day by day. Good bye old self I guess here I am dream world, real world what ever you are. I just want my old mind back.

  • ellisd

    I tell myself and others that when we or,I die, or etc.., we/I will really wake up from this dream., could be an attempt at nirvana i dunno, but sometimes I feel the lost abyss of the uknown.

    Everthing is illusion, there are countless veils. Sometimes I mentally bring myself to the point of seeing death, everyone will die, then i/you will die…Appreciate every moment, value your loved ones, and spend your time wisely, your next dream maybe far different. Everydreamz temporary.]

    I dont like my dream right now, all in all its been gud, ima still waitin’ for ma

  • angelweeps

    i can not believe anything deeply enough to act passionately on. i am constantly in a clouded daze, i dream while im awake. most likely what i will write here, will only be half of what i thought, and half of what i really wanted to say, or half of what i was actually thinking.

    ill be turning 20 in October. this is the first year of my life i have consciously and openly been aware of meetings with people from my dreams, not just humans but animals, environments, and wholly beings. ones i have never experienced before, physically here on earth when i am “awake.”

    “be kind in your dreams”

    sometimes, a lot of the time, i feel as if this is another waking dream. this life continues as a parallel to many others. if it is possible to close yours eyes and control a dream state than what is the difference when controlling the life we lead with our eyes open. if we can transform ourselves and what is around us in what we know as the physical world, and if we see science as magic and nature as psychedelia, where does the line between reality and dreaming lie-down.

    i am a dream being and the interactions i have, i (almost) believe to be something i call a “leakage.”
    somehow were leaking into one-another s worlds. leaving and taking things to continue and help us on our own personal journeys. whether or not those journeys are destined or decided my what we call self.

    i do not want to get into any details here on this inter webbing. but i am leaving a reply to find others who can read this and feel an understanding- if so i want to know. please.

    im just a big baby.

  • maki

    I have been doing dream studies for the past 6 years. After studying the dream state lucidly,performing different experiments and then doing experiments in “waking” life I have found that the nature of reality is constant. Our awareness is all that changes. I asked myself to give me an experience that will make me believe without any doubt that I am dreaming, and I asked for a revelation. Two days later I was at a coffee shop that I frequently visit. I wanted to smoke a little weed I had in my car but I didnt have a lighter. I saw a man sitting with a group of people. I had seen him there numerous times and remembered seeing him smoking a cigarette before. So, I asked him if he had a lighter. He said “sure, but it’s in my car”. I told him that I would walk outside with him because I wanted to smoke a little weed anyway. So after he gets his lighter I invite him to my jeep for a smoke. He is sitting in the passenger side and hands me the lighter and I notice a tattoo on his calf that reads “the revelation.” I stop immediately,almost frozen with fear and I tell him ” Okay I don’t know what is going on right now,but are you my revelation?” and he says “you’re the one who asked for the light” and then he said “This is oneness, cool huh?” “You are one with your thoughts.” I have not been the same since, and I know I never can go back to my old mind…that is long gone now. The dream will reveal itself if you are brave enough to ask and to be open to the new way of seeing. There is only the mind.

  • Kurt

    For John,
    I had the same feelings for two years. Life seemed Changed and nothing would ever be the same. I would walk into a dark room and just sit or look at nothing happy to be there than outside or with friends.
    Then it just clicks off one day and you feel better. I didn’t have a accent or anything I took some heavy drugs and had a bad trip made me different person but you will come back and one day relise.. I’m back to my old self :) i still think about it a lot how I was feeling those two years.. Questioning if I was real. That was 10 years ago now. The mind is powerful thing when you start thinking the wrong ideas.

  • Unknowing Actor

    I was asleep, dreaming. I found myself walking up a steep hillside, heading towards the summit. Around me, at a distance, were other people also heading up the steep incline. The ground was grassy, there were trees here and there, kind of a park like setting, but steep.

    Towards the top, I could see a structure of some sort, maybe a monument. Standing in front of the ‘monument’ was a larger than life size angel. Brilliant white, with wings outspread. There were other vague figures standing next to the angel. All of their backs were turned to me as I continued climbing towards them. I could not see what they were facing, just their backs.

    About halfway between me and the monument was a man stopped, his back to me. He was a black man dressed in a white suit, kind of Colonel Sanders type suit. He turned around smiling, and waved me to come closer. I had stopped climbing, and was lingering back, not knowing what was going on. He smiled and said “Come closer.” But I lingered back.

    The people climbing, came together toward the top and started to sing together as a choral. I tried to join in the singing. In the next instant I was on the opposite side of the hill, still looking up. In front of me was a flag pole with I believe the American flag being raised as we sang.

    As the flag reached the top, I instantly ‘knew’ that everything I had known in my entire life had been an illusion. I instantly realized that my child hood life had all been set up for me so that I could have a wonderful experience. I ‘knew’ that the innocence of the 50’s and 60’s, the joy and pride of being an ‘American’, the patriotism of our strong history, our winning battles, our space flights, everything was an illusion for my benefit. All my childhood, the love of sports, school, my heroes Mickey Mantle and Johnny Unitas, every thing had been a fabrication. Even the United States of America itself had been a fabricated illusion just for my benefit.

    I was aware of ‘others’ with me. We shared thought, instantly. I don’t remember how they looked. I had no further revelation of my life beyond childhood, before I was suddenly back in my bed, awake. I woke up knowing that everything in this life I am living is the real dream. That I am like an actor in a movie, who has no knowledge that he is an actor. That is the closet I can come to explaining what I felt.

    I told my wife this crazy dream, she thinks I’m nuts. Maybe so, but let me tell you, it seemed as real as anything I have ever known. Which if I’m right, isn’t the least bit real. I do not do drugs, and I do not drink alcohol. I have never suffered a mental illness, that I am aware of. I am not suffering from stress, or depression.

    I have tried to keep this strong ‘knowledge’, but it is fading daily. I searched online to see if others may have had similar experiences, and found this site. Haven’t discussed this with others, besides my wife. Kind of hard to describe anyway. Now I have written this brief description on your blog, which if I am right, doesn’t really exist either.

  • […] those that you can read and just sit and THINK!  Beautiful if you ask me.  Read this post Is Life Real, or Just a Dream.  Thanks FearlessDreams for your contribution of thought and […]

  • John

    My name is John and I posted on here about my son and I getting in a car accident. I am in a much better place right now than I was when I first posted. I wanted my old mind back, but now I’m happy with my new way of thinking. It was an extremely difficult time for about 2 years, and now I love it. I’m happy. I will never be like I used to be. I’m more open with people I’m more caring and more aware of life than I ever had been. I am no longer self absorbed. I see that all people are just as important as I am. We all have way more in common than we have differences. We all need oxygen, water, and food. We would all like to be loved, happy, and excited. Our cultures maybe different but that is about the extend of our true differences. I thank god for this special gift he has given me to see life from different eyes. The biggest thing that changed for me was acceptance. I accept that I am not in total control. I accept that my life has changed. I accept that I am a new person. I am happy. Thank you everyone that has replied to my original message. For once I was blind and now I can see.

  • Vivek narain

    Life is indeed a dream,so long as you are at peace with the world. The sea wolf by jack london gives different perspectives of the dream state we live in. Oscar wilde was another person who explained very lucidly the zombie like nature of humans. J h chase wears the crown when talking of passionate and rebellious dream states.

  • Thanks for this post-it was very nicely written! It is kind of creepy to think that if we are in a simulation, what is outside of it?

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