Passion and the Journey

I write a lot about passion.

And I’m not talking about romantic passion exactly.

I’m talking about powerful feelings that drive us to reach beyond ourselves and become more than we are.

It’s passionate dreams that drive us past our discomfort and our fears, and give us the courage to take chances, in order to change.

If you want to keep your passion strong, you have to feed it.

  • Make plans how you will reach your dreams
  • Take regular action toward achieving your passionate dreams.

Continually remind yourself of your dreams, and refresh the passion.
There are many ways to do this, including:

  • Mind Steps. This is the term I use to describe mental exercises . I could use the word “visualizations”. But it would be wrong. Not everyone is a strong visualizer (I’m not). The point is to use imagination to experience (see, hear, touch, and move through) possibility.
    • Experience yourself within the future which shows the realization (partial or otherwise) of your dreams.
    • Use your imagination to help you to get unstuck. Get out of your own way, and you’ll be surprised at the intensity of the passion that you’ll find in yourself.
  • Find ways to create tangible symbols of your dreams. Use your conscious and unconscious mind to create these tools to remind you of your passion and dreams:
    • Create a collage of pictures that excite you and that help excite your passion.
    • Create a video vision statement. This is a combination of photos, words, and sound/music, using software such as Windows Movie Maker. Here’s a page I’ve made on squidoo that explains how to create a Video Vision Statement.

Here’s a type of video vision statement that I’ve made (on youtube) which focuses on the challenges we face when we change, called The Journey of Change.

And another video which expresses my dreams in the world of Personal Development, called Visions of Personal Development.

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