Seven Ways That Choice Makes Your Life Hell, Part 2

Very few things in this world are one-sided, all good or all bad. In Part 1 of this series I introduced the idea that the extraordinary human power of choice can lead us into our own personal hell.

Barry Schwartz has written an insightful book on the dark side of choice, called The Paradox of […]

Brave Enough to be Different

I was listening to an interview yesterday with Art Linklater.

Yes, he’s still alive (for those of you who know who he is), and he’s going strong at 94. He’s involved in many businesses, writing, and still travels extensively to speak.

He loves to interview people (old and young), and capture their unique perspective. One […]

Getting Unstuck, Part II: Too Many Choices

(This is Part II of a three-part article) In Part I: Fear On Ice we talked about:

Conflicting desires to change and to stay the same. Fears of real, and even imagined threats that make us freeze up, and leave us spinning our wheels, going nowhere. Strong fear and traumatic events that leave a lasting […]