Addicted to Learning

OK, I admit it. I’m addicted to reading and learning.Once, even if I couldn’t do anything with the knowledge, I would still do it just for the pleasure. A good book, and a good idea have a taste all their own.

There are many people who consider reading and learning a complete waste of time. They would rather go out and do almost anything rather than learn. Give me a book that makes me think, or shows me a new world, and I would gladly sit for hours.

But there’s a dark side to this lust for reading and learning.

  • Have you ever bought a book, and let it sit on the shelf forever?
  • Have you ever bought instructional tapes or CDs, and left them half-finished, or not started?
  • Have you ever gone to a seminar promising money or a new you, and find yourself the same a few days later?
  • Have you acquired knowledge in all these different ways and still done nothing different with the knowledge you’ve gained?

That’s me. So what’s the big deal? Why isn’t the pleasure enough?

The pleasure of learning used to be enough for me, but not anymore. My addiction to learning is just one aspect of another addiction. I’m addicted to possibility. I want to explore what’s possible, and take my mind into places that it’s never gone before.

I think what’s different now is that I passionately want to see the possibilities in my mind appear all around me.

We all resist change, to a greater or lesser extent. And the more profound the potential change, the more we resist it. When we start to touch on the parts of ourselves where our greatest possibilities are, the resistance becomes a fortress. We find it so easy to say that we all live in our heads anyway, so what does it matter what we do?

I’m an introvert of sorts. When I was younger I used to dream about having my own island so I could be isolated, and not have to answer to anyone. I still enjoy quiet time alone, sometimes. But I’m convinced that our greatest possibilities live when we’re together with other people.

True, there are endless worlds of possibilities inside me alone, but there are many possibilities that can only live in the world where I come together with others, and these possibilities are far grander than any I can find alone.

And the simple key to it all is action. It’s not about choosing between learning and action. We need to bind them together in a living cycle: learning leads to action, which leads to learning, which leads to action.

3 comments to Addicted to Learning

  • Derrick

    I am also addicted to learning. My family thinks that I am abnormal because I would rather read and focus on my grades than going out to the clubs and chasing women. I have no time to please others. We all have one life to live and should find pleasures of our own. I mean I could spend a lifetime learning; it gives me a sense of euphoria.

  • Bruno

    I know exactlly how u feel, the past months i’ve been learning and reading various topics ( history, phylosophy, music ( i truly love music, you should try out learning an instrument if you dont play one already ) , mathematics, etc.. ).I trully agree with you that learning is not enough.We are here living in the world with individuals for some reason.The full potential relies on interdependent learning ( working out with others human being on a specific goal of greater knowledge) rather than independent learning.And the beautiful thing is, the more you work and share your insights with other people heading to a deeper knowledge of a topic, the more self-confidence you gain and the more you are able to put in practice and make the most use as you learn anything . I really understand you and i’ve gone to the same process ( first thinking learning was enough then finding out it isnt ).

  • I feel the same way too. I keep reading and learning and getting inspired. This learning though is not limited to books, it could be people, watching a video on youtube, etc. And then this urge or burning desire takes over and I so badly want to convert that learning into action and I become impatient to see the possibilities.

    I completly relate to this.nice to know there are other people who go through the same process.

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