Why Don’t We Teach Children To Be Leaders?

Fear and Predictability

Control is overrated.

Sure, we want the world to work in somewhat predictable ways, but at what cost?

When my kids were little and fighting, sometimes the only thing I thought about was getting control and stopping the fighting.

And for a person or country that’s under attack and wants to make […]

Getting Unstuck, Part III: Buying Your Way Out Of Trouble

We all get stuck. We get stuck in our fears and other feelings, in our pain, and in our choices.

In Part 1, Fear on Ice, we explored feeling trapped in a situation that we want to escape from, where we’re afraid to remain, and afraid to change.

In Part 2, Too Many Choices, we […]

The Whisper of Death

Worse Than Death?

Have you ever heard the famous statistic that more people are afraid of public speaking than of death?

I remember a time in 4th grade when I stood up in class to give a book report. I was so nervous that I turned white and could hardly speak. The teacher had pity […]

Caution: Shape Shifters at Play

Play As a child I loved to play, and I still do. I’m never so happy as when I’m playing with my children. When we play together, we let go of many of the rules that pretend to define us and shape us, and leave us free to explore.

When adults use the word play, […]

Take Off Your Mask

There are festivals of masks and the hidden in many cultures. In American culture, Halloween is one of the most dominant festivals of the mask. Children particularly love dressing up and pretending to be someone else.

For many adults, the images of the hidden that dominate Halloween are the uncertain, frightening, and dark side of […]