Is It Normal to Hurt Others?

More than you can stand.

Do you think that you’re emotionally healthy? Do you have moments where you strike out at others verbally or physically? It’s amazing how we’ve all been hypnotized into believing that attacking others verbally is perfectly normal and healthy.

Some of us believe that we’re doing just fine, and those unpleasant […]

Affirmation Poem: Endless River Of Living Fire

(Here’s the first of a new type of post for me. I call them affirmation poems.

There’s a single affirmation, repeated 5 or 6 times. In between each repetition is some poetic language which carries me into my unconscious and helps me plant the affirmation on fertile ground.)

I am an endless river of […]

Points of View

Mirrors of Earth and Sky

I love flying.

Have you ever been on a plane, looking down at huge, fluffy clouds that rise like mountains and are scattered before you in an endless variety of shapes?

The clouds act like a mirror, reflecting how you’re thinking and feeling, consciously, and unconsciously.

You see yourself.

But […]