Why Are We Afraid to Play?

Childhood’s End? “Stop fooling around!”

Did you ever hear that from a parent or a teacher?

Maybe you ignored it and got into trouble. Or, more likely, you eventually listened, and stopped.

But that wasn’t the end of your desire to play.

You probably still like to play in some way. Although you probably don’t […]

Why Can’t We Enjoy Life’s Simple Pleasures?

Addicted to Extremes

Turn up the volume. That’s our answer to every need.

Why are we addicted to extremes?

Look around. Our senses are assaulted daily by a mountain of sensations, and our minds are overloaded with information.

And it’s not simply the quantity of sensations, or the speed with which we encounter them. They’re […]

Make a Wish

Forgetting the Magic

Do you remember what it was like to be a child?

Not the frustration. There was plenty of that.

Not the endless procession of “NO” and “You can’t do that.”

Not even the tantrum demands for something in a spirit of “I’ve got to have this or I’ll die.”

No. Not that […]

Imagination: Doorway, Fantasy, or Future?

What do you think of when someone says the word “imagination”?

Creativity If you’re an artist, writer, sculptor, musician, photographer you might think of imagination as a place. A place deep inside where you search for something new. Somehow yours, and yet not yours.

In Greek Mythology, the sources of inspiration were creatures called Muses. […]

Freedom, The Secret, and The Law of Attraction, Part 2

Here’s a technique that I call “A Taste of Freedom”.

Recall situations that make you feel powerful, free, limitless, boundless. (For me, a couple of examples are singing and driving fast on an open road) Think of some desired state of being, action, or thing that you’re passionate about. Now imagine that you’ve achieved your […]