Seven Ways That Choice Makes Your Life Hell, Part 2

Very few things in this world are one-sided, all good or all bad. In Part 1 of this series I introduced the idea that the extraordinary human power of choice can lead us into our own personal hell.

Barry Schwartz has written an insightful book on the dark side of choice, called The Paradox of […]

Seven Ways That Choice Makes Your Life Hell

Do you think that having more choices is good for you?

Choice is critical to the feeling and practice of freedom. Without choice, you would be doing exactly what you’re told to do, every moment of the day.

You’d be following your programming like a machine with no soul.

A kind of pretend choice is […]

Why Don’t We Teach Children To Be Leaders?

Fear and Predictability

Control is overrated.

Sure, we want the world to work in somewhat predictable ways, but at what cost?

When my kids were little and fighting, sometimes the only thing I thought about was getting control and stopping the fighting.

And for a person or country that’s under attack and wants to make […]

Why We Need Blogs that Make Us Think and Feel

Thinking Bloggers Award

Ejcooksey was kind enough to send a thinking bloggers award in my direction, and I’m proud to accept it.

The award is meant to publicize blogs that help us think in new directions. These blogs introduce us to new ways to look at some aspect of our personal or professional lives.

The […]

Getting Unstuck, Part III: Buying Your Way Out Of Trouble

We all get stuck. We get stuck in our fears and other feelings, in our pain, and in our choices.

In Part 1, Fear on Ice, we explored feeling trapped in a situation that we want to escape from, where we’re afraid to remain, and afraid to change.

In Part 2, Too Many Choices, we […]